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GF Rating


Easy platinum

posted by defected (GREENVILLE, NC) May 24, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

Ok let me first say ! Easy platinum without question . This game took me 3.5 hours to complete on hard , and yes 3.5 hours to receive my platinum trophy ... This game had potential but failed in so many ways !

One of my criticisms would be the lack of ammo ! You would be in a battle and your ammo would be running low .
After you reached Zero ammo your stuck in-between a rock and a hard place . Now the friendly AI will call for you and say I got some ammo , but that can take 5 - 10 mins just for her to say that ! Most of the time your team ends up killing off the bad guys for you , so you could basically just sit there and wait until the next faze ( Sometimes ) !
Another thing would be your health . If you lose massive HP you need to hide yourself for awhile ( 5 mins ) for Regeneration . Now I don't know if this is accurate because I have waited over 10 mins in cover until something happened , and yet sometimes nothing happens . ( If nothing is shooting at me behind cover that's when I regenerated ) - sometimes !
The graphics have a nice flow to them - nothing over the top ! The controls are fluent but at times can be " Buggy " enemy AI can end up in walls ( this happen to me a few times )
Now of course the music is top notch , who doesn't want to kill to the Terminator soundtrack :)

"Overall this is a game for an easy platinum and anyone can achieve that !"

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GF Rating


Needs Some Work

posted by palable (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) May 23, 2009

Member since Apr 2006

The gameplay for Terminator: Salvation is a solid 7, but there are too many bugs for a shipped game, at least on PS3. It froze on me within 5 minutes of playing and at the beginning of the 2nd level a machine was stuck in a wall, so I was unable to kill it or continue further so I had to quit that game and restart. Also, load screens take way too long, and sometimes characters don't move correctly.

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GF Rating



posted by Dravinist (COVINGTON, KY) May 21, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

Very bad seen transition, world physics left a lot to be desired, and a level load every 5 minutes. Save your money, don't buy, save your game fly Q, and rent something else!

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