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Tennis Masters Series 2003


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GF Rating

67 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Tennis Masters Series 2003

Directional Pad Up/Down = Highlight menu item, Left/Right = Change highlighted item
A Button Accept
B Button Cancel
Y Button Cycle options
Start Add multiple players
Back Cancel

Directional Pad Up, Down, Left, Right = Aim serve (when holding down serve button), Left/Right = Move the player along the baseline
A Button Flat Serve
B Button Kick Serve
X Button Slice Serve
Y Button Kick-Slice Serve
Start Pause/Resume game

Directional Pad Up, Down, Left, Right = Move the player, Up, Down, Left, Right = Aim shot (when holding down shot button)
A Button Power Topspin
B Button Topspin
X Button Slice
Y Button Lob
Left Trigger Cycle Doubles Strategies
Right Trigger Cycle Doubles Strategies
Start Pause/Resume game