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GF Rating

Very Good

Solid stealth game, lots of unlockables

posted by Notaro (OCEAN CITY, NJ) Jun 19, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Well first, for those of you knocking the AI, did you try upping the difficulty? Try playing on hard, they're a lot less stupid. Though the AI will still give up, it takes A LOT longer, and they spot you from rediculous distances.

Now yes, it's true the graphics are pretty bland and the textures are pretty bad, but they do some things well. For example, I thought the castle level's lighting was pretty good.

Co-op online is up to four person play of most of the offline's 50 missions. They don't let you play the major storyline missions that're full of cutscenes, but everything else is in. You also earn gold online and the lobby is the ninja village, so all your items/the store are right there.

Not meaning to sound like a fanboy, this game is loads of fun. There're plenty of fun abilities later in the game to let you keep changing your play style. If you get bored of the easier setting, switch to hard. Get bored of that? Try playing with vitality all the way down and agility and strength maxed.

It's not realistic, but it's still a fun, non-naruto ninja game, and it's definitely worth a rent. Buying, maybe not. I bought it and after completing most of the game, I think a non-fan may tire unless you're playing online a lot.

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GF Rating


Tenchu, Some Things Never Change

posted by SickTag (ALAMOGORDO, NM) Aug 2, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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For fans of the Tenchu series, this game fallows in the foot steps of the original Tenchu game for the original Playstation. In this game, however, you can customize your character and unlock many items as you go a long. The AI for this game is pretty much like trying to assassinate a level full of mental defects with the attention span of 30 seconds, some what like a gold fish. You may jump off a roof and find yourself fighting a guard, then decide to run and hide in a bush near by only to be forgotten about seconds later. Though it is hard to believe anyone would for get a stealthy attack who slashed you 5 or 6 times, the game's AI does.

There are 50 missions in the game. The game uses the same 6 or 7 maps with 6 or 7 same mission types, such as assassinate the ninja master, or female spy. This get s bit redundant and gets filed away in the Department of Redundancy Department.

This game, however is still a good game to play, and to try out. The Achievements for this game are pretty easy to obtain. All but 2 achievements can be earned through the first play though, be it easy or hard difficulty.

Through the game, the play can buy upgrades which makes him or her better at being a ninja. With certain unlocks, a semi stealthy ninja can soon run at full speed upon unsuspecting guards with nearly no sound at all.

This game can easily become addicting, and with multiplayer option, this game could be worth several gaming hours exploring.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than expected.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Jun 27, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

46 out of 52 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

First off, i dont see why this game got such bad ratings, i think it at least deserves a hight 7 out of ten. Tenchu Z is the best ninja game i have played since the original tenchu. It has many stealth kills, TONS of costomization options including, clothes, hats, shoes, sheaths, abilities, new combos, tons of items and much MUCH more! There are over 40 missions in the game (50 to be exact) and after that you can jump into xbox live and play the missions with a friend or play head to head. The option of an xbox live ninja game sounds cool, and it is, but it gets boring pretty fast because almost no one is on and the modes are pretty boreing. In solo mode, you usually have to assassinate somone, but somtimes you get sidequests which require you to steal documents, bombs, kill all enemies, not getting spotted etc. but these missions are too few and about 80% or them are just replaying them at levels where you had to assassinate somone so it really feels like it was just cheaply thrown in. There are many stealth kills which is what tenchu is know for, and blood. There are a few stealth kills around walls, from above, several at close range and then a few bare handed. They are all awsome to watch over and over again, but there should have been some unlockable ones too, or ones you could buy. the close range combat is what really stinks. the controls are akward and the combos all feel a bit choppy and there are just too few of them. The graphics also stray abit from current 360 titles but the water, lighting, and shadow effects all look great. some of the textures just look real bad.
STORY: 6.2/10
OVERALL:8/10 Tenchu Z is a great rental, but as a buy it is a bit iffy.

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