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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


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GF Rating


Decent ninja action

posted by Carbine (COLTON, CA) Mar 31, 2009

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I found this game to have alot of potential but for some reason it never really gave me the "want" to play the next level.

As usual first off the good:
- Graphics wise its nothing amazing or new but still a good looking hand held game.
- The design of decent length story levels with the ability to jump into the smaller separate missions is a great idea for portable gaming.

Now the long list of bad:
- It gets real repetitive real fast as the locations never really change and the attacks stay the same.
- The only attacks consists of sneaking around in inky mist shadow points that sometimes bring you eye to eye 1 foot from a bad guy who cant see you and then pressing square. You get the option to press the nub in four directions for different attacks but they are always randomly done no matter what direction you choose so you have no "real" control over them. Tenchu doesn't have a sword in this so it counts as an item and is only good for breaking locks and defense. So if you have a sword on you and you get caught you can go into a lame fighting mini game.
- The camera... Is always going to make or break a game and it hurt tenchu in my eyes. Its a game where you need to know your surroundings and in most cases the only way to see around you is ninja vision which can even get clunky and mess up itself as it gets stuck on walls, corners, and enemies.

I know that the point of the game is suppose to be set around stealth but you just don't feel very stealthy in it most the time. There is little to no actual "action". I think the die hard tenchu fans will still enjoy it and anyone having a craving to stab a samurai should rent it but anyone looking for any actual action type game play should stear clear.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Classic Tenchu

posted by OkanBS1987 (NEWARK, DE) May 21, 2009

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Now I loved the old Tenchu games on the PS (1 + 2) and this game reminded me of those games. The killings are as good as ever and the gameplay is still just as fun. Even though the gameplay and controls are dated for sure, this game is still fun to play.

I beat it in about nine hours which is a long time for a PSP game and I enjoyed all of those nine hours.

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GF Rating


A swing and a miss

posted by BURZUM (TROY, AL) Nov 11, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

I was really interested in this title, because I've been a long-time fan of the Tenchu series. Ubisoft published this one, and should have ignored it and created something else. I only played a couple levels, but you don't get a sword as a weapon until you find one laying around, and only get to use it 10 times. All kills must be stealth barehanded assassinations, and if you have a sword equipped and someone spots you, you must defend against their attacks by pressing the directional buttons which is difficult. I repeatedly died over the 2 hours I played, and never made it past the 2nd level.

This game had the same levels recreated from the first game for the psone, and the only thing new seemed to be the battle system, which is difficult and tiresome. I hated this game, and mailed it back this morning, I can't deal with the frustration of this weak addition to the series. Hard to believe the people who made Assassin's Creed could fail so miserably with an otherwise awesome series.

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