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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


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Tenchu is Tenpoo

posted by DfromSTB (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jun 5, 2009

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I found Shadow Assassins boring and confusing. I don't want to spend 48 hours trying to figure out how a game functions. I want to insert the disc and start playing. I understand there's a learning curve, and that it takes a while to make any real progress in an adventure game, and I do like a challenge. But this game is just plain hard to figure out.
There is no tutorial or instructions to speak of. You have to guess what you should be doing and learn as you go. Room after room you confront one or two boring challengers - always from behind or by sneaking up on them. The "attacks" are not actually even executed by you yourself - you just get a prompt to "Press A" to initiate the sequence, which is then executed by autopilot. I felt like I was in the arcade back in the 80's playing Dragon's Lair. No, wait - Dragon's Lair was actually innovative for its time.
Overall, I hated this game. I was sorry I'd wasted a rental on it. I sent it back to Gamefly within 24 hours.

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Interesting at first, but then quickly boring

posted by prisoner6 (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 1, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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Okay... cool graphics (ABOUT TIME for the Wii!). But although interesting in concept, the execution is repetitive and mind-numbingly boring.

Sound is great... concept is very good, but I felt like I was on rails. Why couldn't we get something like Thief here? You can barely move in the right way, movements are hard to pull off and non-intutive.

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Stealth action for dummies

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 28, 2009

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Splinter Cell, Thief, Metal Gear, Deus Ex, Hitman. These are just some of the names you may think of when considering great stealth action gaming. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins is not like these games.
Tenchu casts you as Rikimaru, a ninja with spiky white hair who flees at the sight of a sword and likes to hide in barrels. He goes through a bunch of missions that don't appear to have a logical relationship with each other, but are simply there so you have missions to play.
So what makes Tenchu so sub-par? The gameplay. The controls are pretty rigid and awkward. Your controls over the camera is minimal, which is bad because it gives you bad angles to begin with. The quicktime motion sequences for finishing opponents are unnecessary.
But the big thing is how the game works in absolutes. At any one time, you are either completely exposed or completely hidden. Move a little toward the light and suddenly you're lit up like Time Square. And unlike other, more dynamic games, if the enemy sees you, you'll suddenly poof out of the field and back to the starting point. Sure, your progress is saved, but you have to retread your steps all over again. And to make a kill, the enemy cannot be aware of you at all. Again, too many absolutes for a good stealth game.
The presentation leaves plenty to be desired. Graphics are alright, but not great. Lighting effects are misleading, because seemingly dark areas are actually registered as light. The music is just ridiculous, because techno-rock has no place in a stealth game. And the story... don't even bother trying to comprehend it.
It can be fun to hide in shadows to kill a passing guard with his own sword or drown him in a pond. It can be fun to throw stars at enemy ninjas, blind enemies with smoke bombs or poison a warlord's sake. But these are fleeting moments in an otherwise lackluster game. With so many better options available, you can skip this one.

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