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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


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awesome game

posted by 2181293 (LISBON, OH) Oct 22, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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this one of the best games i haved played so far,it is very hard i woulden't recommend this for anyone under 13 the controls are very good i love using the wii remote for this except one part it woulden't work very, well but other then that this game is awesome they give you 10 level's to play and side quest, the first five level's you play as rikimaru and then ayame next 5 level's, this is very fun game i recommend it for any hardcore gamer.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The First Entry

posted by zorba1994 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Feb 16, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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Graphics: 9 our of 10 wiimotes
Gameplay: 7 out of 10 wiimotes
Storyline: 8 out of 10 wiimotes
Overall: 8

The first game in Nintendo's campaign to bring hardcore gamers to the wii, it is a fairly good start. In the game, you take the roll of the ninja Rikimaru (later Ayame when you unlock her after level 4), who is a master of stealth. Unfortunately, that's the only thing he is a master at. One of the main features (some may say drawbacks) of this game is that it is 99% stealth action (if you are holding a sword you can do a melee minigame, but it isn't very fun, and is not meant in any way to be your main form of combat). Focusing on shadows, the game's graphics are good for a wii title, failing only when characters are talking (their mouths still move like they are speaking the original japanese, with the exception of the cutscenes) and when people catch on fire (ironically, these were some of the things in COD 5 that looked the best). You also get a giant arsenal of items and weapons, from shuriken to swords to bombs to even a cat and a fishing rod! Unfortunately, you can only carry 3 at a time, limiting the fun you could possibly have with them. The plot line is fairly good, revolving around a member of daimyo Toda's (the lord whom you serve) being kidnapped, and you having to retaliate, but with several twists along the way. The main drawback of the game however, is that it can be very frustrating, and you will have to repeat a level several times before you can beat it, let alone master it and get a higher score on it. The game also allows a second form of playing in the form of missions, which play like short term goal oriented fast levels for when you are short on time, and you can unlock more by progressing in the single player.

Overall, this game is not a must have, but it is certainly worth a rent until you can beat it.

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half of what I wanted, but whats there is good

posted by lennox80 (COTTONWOOD, CA) Feb 17, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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The new elements work well, like shadow mode and multiple checkpoints throughout the levels. However, the game-play takes a backward step from Tenchu 3, and is closer to the tank-like character movement from Tenchu 1 + 2 on ps1. No suprise, considering the original developers were back on board for this entry. What is a suprise is the lack of a decent story, considering that was a major strong point for the first couple. That was the one element that I was hoping would make a return to the series with Shadow Assassins, but it looks like I will have to stick with the same old Tenchu fan mantra "they'll get it right next time for sure". Oh, and the lack of a grapple and no unlockable 3rd playable character knock off even more points. Overall, it's still fun, and worth a rent for stealth fans or Tenchu die-hards (sigh), but don't get your hopes up to high.

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