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Many Steps Backwards in the Tenchu Series

posted by KakouTon (OGDEN, UT) Sep 19, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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I was really excited for the DS version of a Tenchu game. I mean, who doesn't want to assassinate samurai and traverse mythological Japan at any moment by just whipping out their DS? But this Tenchu, with it's top-down perspective and uh, one attack move really detatches you from the experience.

The utter lack of the series' signature, the wicked stealth kills, is a grotesque mis-step for the game. There is no thrill in just running up behind someone, attacking them, and having them die while you look at a poorly drawn still on the other screen. Getting a kill in the Tenchu games has always felt visceral, but its entirely gone here.

The mission based pacing of the game feels mechanical and boring. The graphics are barely PS1 quality, not good enough when so many games on the system have managed better 3D already.

I thought the idea of laying traps was an interesting notion, but it never really goes anywhere, and its too easy to just kill every enemy this way. Lost potential, in my opinion.

The music is good though.


Better luck next time, Lord Gohda. Your ninja's didn't save this game...

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Yikes...are you sure this is Tenchu?

posted by rocky14 (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 21, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

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If you're a fan of the Tenchu games from PS1/PS2, stay faaaaar away from this game. The thrill of being a ninja and sneaking up on an enemy for a kill is COMPLETELY watered down on the DS to simply walking right up behind someone and just slashing your sword once, which results in a canned animation indicating a "stealth" kill. While storylines have never been Tenchu's strong point, at least the action was pretty good. Here, you don't even get good action. There's no "stalking your foe" like in the console games, which is what makes Tenchu so darn fun. This seems like a game that was rushed into production just to capitalize on the whole "whoa, the DS is a hot item now so let's try to make some money off of it." If you're looking for a ninja fix, you're not going to find it here.

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this game gets a 4

posted by onthedot (DOWNEY, CA) Aug 29, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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all right keep in mind im grading the the single player mode. this game is mediocre the graphics are one level under ok, theres not much touch screen game play, its to simple, and the levels are all simeler(ex. forest levels all basically the same).the only good thing about this game is that there's a good variety of items

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