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Tekken Tag Tournament 2


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Also on:Wii U, PS3
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Very Good

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

posted by TEARIZONE (PHOENIX, AZ) Dec 26, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

This is my first time writing a game review, so please excuse my bad writing. first off the game is beautiful personally i love it. i'n a huge fighting fanatic so if you love fighting games check this game out their is a massive line up of characters 50 plus, new stages. solo play & pair play which means you & a friend can pair up & play online against two other people. tekken tag tournament 2 is not a button masher so you better learn the gameplay before getting online this game requires skill. but dont get me wrong anybody can pick it up just dont expect to win with an opponent that knows what hes doing. anyways the music is great the graphics are beautiful the combos flow nicely its just a complete game and a character customization that even the clothes can be customized with unique decals of your liking. so i dont know what else to say, if you like fighting games like me tekken tag tournament 2 is the game to play.

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Above Average

OK but ...

posted by deadR2 (GILBERTSVILLE, PA) Dec 5, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

Tekken Tag 2 is ok but isn't worth 63$ the gameplay is ok but at times when you want to do a move u will jump for no reason theres a huge roster up to 59 playable fighters i just use Nina and Kazuya the move list is to big for anyone 1 to remember but Tekken is known for that i hate the tag system for tag grab u press LB+Y half the time u switch partners offline modes are ok but not that fun just arcade mode is worth playing customize was a let down to me i thought you could give yourself health increase rage mode last long stuff like that the endings suck only Nina's was good just stick with Tekken 6 or Street Fighter X Tekken

the good
lot's of fighters
arcade mode is still fun
fighting engine still fun
combos feel the same

the bad
online pass
customize is boring
the ending are lame
fight lab is half done
combo's are too long to remember
offline modes are lame

Tekken Tag 2 6.7

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Good game but you should rent it.

posted by SuperSaiyanXbox (NEW YORK, NY) Dec 1, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I really like this game but it's really not worth buying. Why? It's simple, they have characters that are the same as the other. Like Slim bob/Bob, Tiger/Eddy etc. And the similar characters really have the same moves and attacks so it really made no sense adding those extra characters.

Dr. Bosconovitch is a ridiculous character and players really play as him to spam over and over again with one of his moves where he sits on the floor and charges at you or whatever he does. Overall this game is not that bad but you'll do better renting then buying this game.

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