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Also on:Wii U, PS3
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do not play if you have anger issues!!!

posted by larsbm306 (OLYMPIA, WA) Nov 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

my boyfriend lars got so mad while playing this game that he first threw the controller at the wall then went and smoked a cigarette then came back and picked up the controller and proceeded to walk out to the street and smashed it into pieces........

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Really Bad

Tekken's Pay to Play Online is a RIPOFF!!

posted by TexasPete (FRISCO, TX) Sep 15, 2012

Member since Mar 2007

4 out of 11 gamers (36%) found this review helpful

Don't bother renting this game unless you are ready to pay the 800 MS Points ($9.99) Namco Renter Extortion Fee or as they call it, the 'Online Access Pass' to get onto X-Box Live.

For anyone , like me, who didn't know, here's how the scam works: Before you can play online mode you have to input a special access pass that ships with each copy of the game. Since we are renters, we do not get the code. But it wouldn't matter if we did, because only one code can ever be used per XBox ISP. Namco is more than willing, however to charge 800 points for you to buy an online pass; essentially a pay to play. What a RIPOFF. Why Gamefly would even agree to carry this game knowing this is a function is beyond me.

I am a lifelong Tekken fan and longtime renter of games and it makes me sick to think that the overall quality of the game is compromised because the corporate suits would rather spend the money to develop new ways to bilk us than on things like better game play or excruciatingly long load times between matches.

And since were talking about game play, it is very tedious if you do not own an arcade stick. The game does not let you use the LS and you are forced to use the D-Pad for every move, making some of the combos all but impossible.


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Not even the new characters can redeem this game

posted by jbrizzy (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 15, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

Talk about a one trick pony, this is the same game we gamers have been playing since the first tekken. I mean yea there are some new characters, but majority of them are just carbon copies of the older characters. I was surprised at how disappointed I was with this game, and I only played it for one day for 2 hrs straight, and I cant find one thing to keep me from shipping this back to gamefly. This game is just basically tekken 6 with the tag mode and extra new and old characters thrown in. And the story mode is basically a tutorial on how to master (the somewhat increasingly difficult/clunky) controls. This game needs to be a wake up call to Namco so they can do something different with this franchise.The change for The tekken franchise is LONG overdue. Nothing to see here folks.

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