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posted by esiw02 (NORTHPORT, AL) Mar 22, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I'm more into SSFIV and MK, so take that into consideration about this review:

The positive? The fighting is very smooth and each character has a bunch of moves. The graphics aren't bad for the most part. Fun to play with friends.

The negative: the game felt very incomplete. And several characters had the EXACT same move sets. And while i understand that several of those characters used to be alternate costumes in previous tekken releases, it still leaves me to wonder what the point is of bothering to have them at all. Customizing outfits has always been a great idea in my opinion, but in this game the options are so limited that it just seems like a complete waste of time. Worst of all the fighting is completely boring if you don't have someone to play with because the AI is REALLY cheap. Better luck next time!

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posted by dj83100 (LUBBOCK, TX) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

i hated the game dont ever send me the game or i will quit paying you

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Tekken Review for New Players

posted by LonnieR (CHANDLER, AZ) Mar 10, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Tekken Tag 2 is a game that requires you to know your opponent and their moves. The move list is incredibly in depth and requires knowledge of where they hit (High, Mid, Low) and also the timing associated with each attack. Another thing is the punishment in the game. If you get hit 2 times in this game there is a chance you will die. One hit will send you into a juggle.. another hit into a juggle and your done for. Juggles do not have to be launchers anymore.. you can get sweeped or tripped or even stunned. A stun happens when your opponent hits you with one move that incapacitates you and you fall the the ground very slowly giving them a chance to punish you hard. Also if your opponent knocks you on the ground they can usually bring you back up with specific moves. With all of the things this game does right there are a few things it does wrong. One of the things is the damage and the other is the frame rate. Damage is amplified in this game and its not so much a problem until the "Rage Mode" sets in. Rage is something you opponent gains because your beating their face in. Out of nowhere they can turn the tides and win. Its an unneeded function of the game that ruins it at times. Its a handicap function that you can't turn off. Frame rate is very crucial in this game it what makes some characters worth using and others not. A character who is slow will never win against a mediocre player using Kazuya, Devil Jin, or Heihachi. One more thing is the safe moves. There are quite a few moves that are safe on block that doesn't seem fair at times because not all characters have those moves. Heihachi and Nina have some of the most notable ones. If they hit you with this move and you block it, you get pushed really far back to the point where you can punish them. The action reverses if your against a wall. If your against the wall blocking they get pushed away from you into a safe zone. Completely unfair but that the game. Beware new players!! Learn each Character!

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