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Above Average

Tekken This Game Back

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Sep 13, 2012

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Member since May 2011

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So, let me start by saying that despite the Title, this game actually does a lot of things right.

It has a huge roster, with more to come via free DLC. A ton of modes. The customization is more goofy than anything, but I guess it's nice that there's options.
Fight lab is pretty interesting for sure.

I've played Tekken since the very beginning, don't think I've missed any actually. They've always been relatively fun and good games. And although, I'll admit this one should arguably be the best Tekken, the Ultimate Tekken if you will. I just couldn't get into it. I found in unforgivingly difficult. Especially Arcade Mode.
Ghost Mode is always a great, quick way to pass time and you can unlock things that way.
But it doesn't take long to run through each mode and then be done with it. I guess because it's a fighting game, and there's simply not much to do in fighting games other than fight. And once you do that enough times... meh.

The Tag format is okay. People will always try to compare it to Marvel vs. Capcom and King of Fighters, but it's different in 3D and with throws. I like that they allow the option to fight Single Player too.

I'm not sure what's with the graphics. I remember Tekken 6 looking great and even the Prologue looking pretty nice but, I really didn't dig them here.

Tons of levels!!!

I don't really know what to say, this game has a ton of content and as die-hard Tekken fan couldn't ask for more, and yet, I honestly didn't enjoy playing it. =/

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I really wanted this to be a 10 but

posted by Ngo (DREXEL HILL, PA) Sep 13, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Gameplay is great
Graphics amazing
Music as usual fantastic
Can't rate Online play since I rented

But the issue I have is with the customization
The custom outfits are a joke. No literally its pretty difficult to make an outfit that actually matches. and Most characters don't even have a true 2nd costume. Just some mishmash created in the customization
Sure there's a lot of choices but not much creativity
this leads to the for some nothing bad but for others like me something very annoying.
The Arcade mode. Nobody you fight is in there Original outfits. So everyone is dressed like clowns and for a few people they won't care but its really annoying seeing every character you fight wear the same hat and Jun who is supposed to be a boss dressed like a knight playing baseball

Also For those who are happy Azazel isn't in the game. Unknown can kill you in a single juggle even on Easy mode so just as cheap

I don't like when game designers think a way of making a game more fun is to make a game more silly because it doesn't work. From the trailers it looked like the best tekken game ever released
but the game itself feels almost like a joke
I honestly wanted to knock out whoever decided to dress Jun like a Knight/Baseball Player when I got to fight her (in her boss stage)

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Very Good

Tekken 6 was better a bit better.

posted by Maqui08 (MIAMI, FL) Sep 19, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

I would like to say a few things that was good about this game first before bashing on it. The combat: I know it's the same; but the tag system was a good idea to bring back. Combos became longer and more cool looking, but at the same time it was also harder to execute. Some characters also have new moves or just different controls for the moves and some have identical combos with other characters.
The graphics:was just a bit better than its predesesor so no complaint there.
Online mode: Gives a new experience from playing offline. But you have to have an access code to use it. If you bought the game you get it, if not, you can get it on PSN for $9.99. Costumizing the panels was also a great touch on the game to. With new characters comming a DLC soon the rsoster is huge.
The ending movies great, using diffrent styles for diffrent characters and the endings always gor for either comedy, evil, good, or just plain "what the heck did i just watch"?

Now for its flaws.
Its arcade mode: In the previeous game arcade mode is where you fight diffrent characters in their normal attire, but time around its diffrent. You fight against the characters in customized attire. The story is also isn't as good as it's tekken 6. You get to fight more characters, but there is no prolouge of why your character is joining the fight/or what your fighting for. It's like Namco is expecting you to know the their story from tekken 6. Another issue is the final boss in arcade mode. She can beat you in as short as 3 moves if she get lucky. And that is on easy mode,
The customization sucks now, before you get 3 original attires, and 1 or more costumes, now it's only 1 original costume. Not to mantion the Shop only has a few costumes, and you have to unlock the other costumes in others in modes of the game, by beating characters with them and they are a rare thing to. You unlock everything if you preordered so yeah unfair. But the hidden characters will be available via DLC soon.

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