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Above Average

tekken, but with restrictions on fun

posted by razwit (LOVELAND, CO) Dec 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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If you rent this title or get it used, don't expect to play online for free. A $10 online pass code is required to play with your online friends. Because I rented this game and live by myself, I had very little fun playing this game.
Other downloadable content includes movie clips from tekken 1, 2, and 3. And background music. Not in sets, just single songs. And no, none of that is free to download.
It takes 20-30 min to complete arcade mode with any given character or set of characters. You are rewarded with a 1-2 min clip of the first character's ending movie. This has been the case with all previous tekken titles, but there seems to be decidedly less effort and story placed into these. Some are animated through still framed sketched images that look like projects i did in community college animation class (they had 1 minute of audio but only 15 seconds of animation...they did their best to make it work without drawing more frames). And more frustrating still, some use clips from a previous Tekken. How fun is it to play through the same 20-30 min of gameplay for the 15th time to see a 2 minute movie clip that has the graphics of a PS2 title? it's not. So, if you're playing offline by yourself, I'd give this game a 3 out of 10. It's monotonous and doesn't reward enough.

I have to keep in mind that the point of this game is to play with others though. I was able to play through the game a couple times co-op and against friends. Being competitive with friends is a lot of fun, and tekken tag does a great job of making every match intense through the rage system. There's a massive gallery of characters to choose from as well. This is clearly where they spent most of their energy in development. Each character plays fairly unique from others, which is a big improvement from the previous tag where some characters were just alternate outfits.
As a game to be played with friends I'd probably rate it a 9.

Lastly, menus in the game are a headache.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Online Pass!!!

posted by Slyash (CALDWELL, ID) Nov 30, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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You can really enjoy the game if you don't have the online pass!!! Great game though!!! :D

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Above Average

Tekken a step back

posted by Nugznj (NEWTON, NJ) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

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Tekken Tag Tournament in my opinion was one of the best fighting games ever released. I have spent hours with groups fighting in 10 combatant team battles. Always fun and giving supreme bragging rights when you make it all the way around the room. I was very anxious for the sequel to finally be released. It was the first game I rented from GameFly.

First the GOOD: The graphics were great. There are numerous arena to fight in with some even allowing you to break through the floor into another. Practice mode was revamped and allowed for more options and quicker displays of moves and combos making learning them easier. Also all characters are available from the start and the double characters (i.e. Kuma/Panda, Eddy/Tiger, etc.) are now separate selections so you don't have to concern yourself with recalling which button to use to select them.

Now the BAD: Arcade mode plays like you would expect but you have to occasionally deal with an opponent wearing silly outfits and carrying arbitrary extras (i.e. baseball bats, machine guns, etc.). The team battle setting makes you wait for loading time between each fight and then extremely silly entry cuts of each team. Also unless you know where on the combatant select screen your fighter is your kinda in the dark because you don't get the enlarged picture when highlighting. Also the game was just more challenging, and therefore enjoyable, forcing you to use fighters your unfamiliar with to unlock the others. Then there is the comedic customize option where you can add numerous silly haircuts, outfits and the above mentioned baseball bat type items. Seemed to be a real waste of programmers time.

Finally: THEY TOOK AWAY TEKKEN BOWL! If your unfamiliar with the original then this is of little consequence. To the rest, you know what I mean.

If your 15 years or younger you may actually enjoy this. Otherwise, skip this one and get the original.

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