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Nice Package!

posted by djthaiboxe (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

It makes me sick seeing some of these other reviews trashing this game. I dont think people realized what they were getting.

The movie, is ok, MUCH better than the previous tekken movies, especially the really old Anime version for us that have actually seen it.

The HD remaster of TTT was awesome! Its pure nostalgia on one of the best games of the series. Anyone that trashes TTT is NOT a true tekken fan or is to young to have not played it. I was part of the very first Tekken in texas tournie and this TTT marked the golden years for me.

The prologue demo, well, is exactly what it sounds like...a demo. You should know if you've played fighting game demo's before, the selection will be slim to none and not offer very much. But the glimpse given is enough to satisfy curiosity for the new TTT.

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Very Good

For Hardcore Tekken Fans

posted by kidhero99 (LAUDERDALE LAKES, FL) Dec 9, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

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I'll start off by saying I'm not a hardcore Tekken fan. It's one of my favorite fighting games and I do own Tekken 2 (PSone), Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PSN/PSP) and Tekken 6, but I'm not a hardcore fan - I don't know the complete movelist, play it for hours in the arcade or unlock every single item/play hundreds of hours at home. If that's you, the game may appeal to you more than it did to me.

Tekken Hybrid comes as a "bundle" - it includes an HD version of Tekken Tag Tournament, a 3D/HD version of Tekken: Blood Vengeance and a demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

First thing you'll notice, this doesn't load like a normal game-disc. This is a "Hybrid" disc, mixing a standard Blu-Ray (meaning you can put this disc into your non-PS3 blu-ray player and watch the movie) and a game disc (with the game/demo). On a PS3, all 3 options are available (to watch the movie, move the XMB to "Video" and select "Tekken Blood Vengeance" - To play the games, move the XMB to GAME, select TEKKEN HYBRID and from the sub-menu, select TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT HD or TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 PROLOGUE.

I will say I was disappointed that the 2 game options BOTH require you to install the content before being able to play. Total size is 2,443 MB (almost 2.5GB), and they DO require you to have the disc in to play.

Starting off with Tekken Tag Tournament:
The game looks surprisingly good! The CG sequences look decent (keep in mind they're 12 years old!) and the game itself looks good. The character models show age, but they really cleaned the game up nicely. If you were a fan of it, you'll really appreciate this upgrade. It also takes full advantage of widescreen on an HDTV. Note that all bonus content has been unlocked from the start (unlike the original game). Note that Tekken Tag is NOT presented in 3D.

The movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance runs 92 minutes and features both a 2D and 3D version (3D version requires a 3DTV). Audio is in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch (Japanese or English). S

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Easy Platinum

posted by Exil (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jul 19, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Well for people trying to get more trophies this game is easy with lots of gold ones too. This game is pretty good a good warm up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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