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Tekken 6


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Tekken 6

posted by NAGGERS (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Aug 5, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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First off everybody needs to stop complaining about the final boss. Last night I beat him 38 times to get the gallery completionist achievement so obviously its not too hard. Everyone writing negative reviews have no valid argument EXCEPT for scenario campaign camera angle. I thoroughly enjoyed this start to finish. It has an easy 1000 gamerscore and entertains you the whole way through. Let me verify that ive played over 200 online matches and have only experienced 3 laggy matches. Scenario campaign was entertaining and was a good addition. Plus it has a very interesting story that keeps you going. The fighting is very unique and fairly easy to pick up on. For beating Azazel all you have to do is continually kick him and then alternate punches and then repeat.

Go to youtube and watch Rooster teeths guide and see how easy it is.

This game is a must rent so for those of you having doubts on it please listen and rent it. You wont regret it.

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Not what is used to be...

posted by DauberOx (Wymore, NE) Nov 23, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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I have been playing Tekken since the second installment came out. I have loved playing the 4th and 5th installments, and the storylines in each were great. The gameplay was well thought out, in the 4th and 5th; something that is lacking in this Tekken. Those of you who have played Tekken 5 should remember one of the most significant additions, which was "The Devil Within" mini- (or sub-) game where you played as Jin. Imagine a whole game system built on that gameplay. It's as if "The Devil Within" met "Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2" and one of the worst games in Tekken history has ever been made. The online gameplay is lagging so bad, I could not keep up with anything that was going on. I read a simlar review that said the online was lagging, but I thought they were making excuses; it is no lie. The great things about this game is the roster of characters, and the fact that it's the first Tekken game to hit the new generation consoles...but I would have preffered to wait for a year or two more for them to make it into what it used to be. The standard Arcade mode (that presented each characters story) is no longer fully present, until it is unlocked by playing through the main storyline on the map system. The controls were very touchy, until I tried the arcade mode, and a calming sense of familiarity swept over me, until I found out I have to unlock every character by beating them as a boss in the main storyline. If you are a diehard Tekken fan, then try your luck, otherwise stay away...

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Avoid at all Costs!

posted by LEthalxbox (REEDSVILLE, PA) Nov 2, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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This was the first game i rented from GF and i got to say it is a ok game. The game would be great if the scenario mode was not so horrible. i mean the scenario mode goes through spurts or incredibly dumb ai. horrible camera angles. terrible beat em up fighting, then to extreme spikes in boss difficulty. the Arcade and Online are awesome. But there is little to do in them. The achivements are horrible. 75% pertain to the scenario mode which is virtually unplayable! Unless you plan on being frustrated or just fighting people online... avoid this game. Tekken 5 Is better and Soulcaliber IV will be the current heavyweight champion of next gen fighters.

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