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posted by thescience (THOMASVILLE, NC) Oct 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

First of all, this is a great game from Namco/Bandai (which is to be expected after such a long freakin' wait). But after such a long wait, the results should have been GROUND-BRAKING. In my opinion, the PS3 is WAY,WAY too powerful to have such long loading times (longer than the first Tekken), but they did take advantage of the graphics capabilities. These are the things they should have accomplished and should be more advanced every sequel: 1) More depth in the fighting engine. For every character i would like to see more stances, techniques and defensive methods. To keep it real, they should have advanced the way Tekken 4 was as far as "3Dmoveability" because they were onto something. The move list should have been categorized. And last for 1), they should do away with the "rage" function. If they would have done some serious focus on 1), rage would not be necessary. Additions of new unblockables and "kill" moves would have done the trick. 2) Quicker loading times! What were they trying to accomplish? Suspense? Not needed. 3) More hidden characters you would have to fight hard for. They included a lot of characters this time around. But for the long wait we had to endure, 3) shouldn't have been a probelm. 4) More solid storylines for every character. I feel like they were too lazy on filling you in on certain things. 5) More bosses!!! and Secret bosses!! This goes for street fighter 4 as well! Has this been forgotten about!! On Tekkens 1-3 there were at least 2-3 bosses. And in my opinion, i believe Nancy is harder than Azezel. Just a few well timed ten-hit combos, and he is ghost! Trust me. 6) They certainly need to go back to the drawing board on the campaign!!! Namco/Bandai could have done better on this in my opinion. And finally...7) More beautiful stages. I believe that could have increased the number of fighting locations above and beyond what have currently. Ok that's enough i believe. What do you guys think??

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