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Commence frustration!

posted by Criggz (ORLANDO, FL) Jan 7, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

9 out of 18 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

So Tekken's back. Yaaaaay!(?) We all know what to expect. Flashy graphics, awesome fighting, neat combos, sexy women with jiggly appendages, the works. And on all of that, it delivers. But . . . that's about where my love for the game ends. Let me explain.

First of all, the good. There are A LOT of fighters to choose from. Pretty robust; From your mechanical beefheads all the way to some fat dude that moves faster than all the other characters in the game. Go figure. The presentation is good, as always, and the fights is seamless and stylish. I didn't have much of a problem with loads because I actually took five minutes to install the game to my HDD.

And so the praise ends. Here comes the reasoning for the 4 rating; It's just not that good. We've come to expect flash and great graphics, but that's all there is. The story mode is horrible and so drawn out you stop trying to complete it ten minutes into the mode. Sure it's the best way to get gold for customization, but even that's ridiculous. Why do a pair of sunglasses cost 80,000????!!!

My next gripe; Juggling. Okay, we all know about juggling and its history. Some like it, others don't. I, for one, didn't mind it. Added an element. But OH HO! Namco's stepped it up this year with the introduction of GROUND juggling. That's right, folks. GROUND juggling. Now you can essentially pick a character with quick combos and just juggle somebody to death, in the air, then on the ground. Woohoo! . . . no. It's horrible. It ruins games (offline and online).

What else? Oh. Pfft. Don't get me started on the Final Boss. What a pain in the rear. I'm sure you've heard of him (it), so I'll stop there.

All in all, not a good game. It's pure frustration and, despite my efforts, contains to real strategy. I'll just stick to Soul Calibur. At least you can stand up in that game . . .

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GF Rating


A Game with potential gone down the drain.

posted by bigsam90 (OCEAN SPRINGS, MS) Feb 7, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

12 out of 25 gamers (48%) found this review helpful

This game is the worst Tekken game in the series. The scenario campaign is a joke and the arcade is nearly impossible to beat, especially when you get to the end boss. The customize character is really cool. Too bad that is the only good part of the game. Also when you play the arcade mode you don't unlock anybody new nor is there a final movie just really a thanks for playing here is the credits. If your a Tekken fan then you will be dissapointed with this game as it doesn't live up to previous games.

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Above Average

Tekken 5 was better...

posted by RockerBoi (NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ) Nov 4, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Now I'm a MAJOR Tekken Fan & even own the back games, and I have played EVERY Tekken game released for America & I must say as for as home consoles go. They are in this order IMO

Best to Worst Console Tekkens

Tekken 3 = BEST! 5/5
Tekken 4 = 5/5
Tekken Tag = 4.5/5
Tekken 5 = 4.5/5
Tekken 6 = The Worst on 4. BIG MISTAKES! 3/5

1. Expanison (they took the fighting game was true to sony.. and put it on the 360 what a big kick in the face)

2. Change In Development (NAMCO Always suppiled tekken games, now it's "BANDAI NAMCO" for those who don't know.. bandai makes action figures & the like and is linked to the POWER RANGERS... nuff said)

3. Now we're all thinking finally now we can go online & challenge others to see who's real tekken quality... Prep yourself for a great diasppointment... LAG, HUGE AMOUNTS OF IT, And the Worst DELAY. online matches can have up to 1.5 Seconds of Delayed Reaction Command Responses, Nearly Leaving 75% to 85% of all your Online Fighting up to "WHO CAN JUST PRESS THE MOST BUTTONS AND GET PUNCHES AND KICKS TO CONNECT FIRST TO SEE WHO WINS" instead of a good well placed fight. Narrowing it down to Local Fights to get the core concept of the game once again...

And 4. AIR JUGGLES AND GROUND JUGGLES!!! yes you're reading this correctly GROUND JUGGLES! now as a new feature in Tekken 6 they have almost re-done the entire fighting system with the new HEAVY EMPHASIS on Air Juggling somebody... (Juggling was introduced as it should have been but in the right amount as in tekken 4) Seriously over done in Tekken 6 & With the Introduction of GROUND JUGGLING fights are no longer like they used to be, in the other Tekken Games you learn how to fight with a few characters and you'll be good & I play on Ultra-Hard against the Cpu. but now even they use those "New" In-game Techniques The Ground and Air Juggles & if you JUST GET THE HANG OF IT you can take over 50% to 55% of the other players life in the 1st few seconds of a fight.. =\

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