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These People don't know what they're talking about

posted by portality (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Dec 8, 2009

Member since Sep 2004

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Were to start... okay lets start in the past. I grew up from but a wee boy of six playing tekken with my older brother, he always beat me, but it was always fun, and always good practice. Fast forward fourteen years and I now have my hands on tekken 6. I have done everything with this game and I am not disappointed, for the most part.

Gameplay is great, controls are silky smooth, and they added newer, flashier moves to both even out the cast, and to make the game more fun to watch. The new characters are a welcome addition, and the refinement of the newer characters from Tekken 5 was also done perfectly.

For me online wasn't bad at all, you can choose the connection speed of the people your fighting against and if you have a good enough connection every game will be without lag.

Now to get to the bad part, which i retrospect should not be a surprise. The adventure mode is awful. They tried to make the 3-D game control like Tekken and failed miserably, while it is not unplayable, it isn't that much fun. They should have made an adventure mode like in tekken 3 which for those that don't know was a side scrolling game like Streets of rage, or final fight. It was great, and the only acceptable adventure mode in the entire game's series. a lot of games have showed us that side scrolling is not dead, and Namco should take the hint. Additionally they also moved the ending cut scenes that everyone loves to this lack luster adventure mode. I feel this was a bad idea, they should have kept it in arcade mode.

All in all if you have played tekken competitively, or grew up with it like i did you will feel right at home, and love this game until the next one comes out. If not, there is a 10% chance you will be disappointed because the learning curve is so steep, and most people have played it more then you. As I see it ,Tekken6 is like a delicious meal begging to be cooked, the more time you put into it, the greater the outcome

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its king of iron fist for a reason

posted by hughffy88 (STEPHENVILLE, TX) Oct 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

12 out of 21 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

i lovvvvveeeee this game. hands down best fighting game out for the simple reason that if your a button basher, then you won`t get very far on this game when playing real human fighters online and may struggle against the AI fighters. So you can blow fighters like soul caliber and mk vs dc out of your purple circle because this, like all tekkens just annihilates them.

The story is fantastic with a few shocking surprises along the way (only a surprise if your a lifetime tekken fan). Game modes include the lengthy scenario mode which is the main game mode. Then you have your usual tekken modes like arcade,vs,team battle,survivor ect and a practice mode. Online is ok from what i have played. Character customization is back in force in a sense that the outfits you wear give you added stats like more health or elemental damage to your attacks but only in scenario mode (i think) if your into all that dress up nonsense but i don`t really care for it. To unlock character endings, you must, instead of just taking every person through arcade mode, go to a arena in scenario mode and fight 5 fights. same thing as arcade only shorter which is a plus i think.

Only thing i have noticed is that it seems slower than normal tekken games but i might be because i haven't played tekken in years. For me every tekken game is a keeper so chances are that if your a tekken fan, then you will buy this. To new tekken players who are interested, take my advise. GET THIS GAME! Buy it, rent it, lend from a friend whatever. Just get this game.

Visually it looks great, fighting system is classic tekken with new smash through floors and walls. That said i will admit that theres really nothing ground breaking about the game, feature wise, its just a great chapter in the tekken saga. Trophies are surprisingly simple and some are lengthy to get so if your a trophy hunter like me then its a good enough reason to get this for a nice, simple platinum. GET THIS GAME oh and it has 40+ roster

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posted by borislav (DES PLAINES, IL) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

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As a kid I loved playing Tekken with my friends. Back then it was doing something new, and we couldn't really complain if the sequels didn't innovate much because the PS1 had its limits. Fast forward to today and I'm amazed just how much the series has stagnated.

It looks good enough but the gameplay is pure PS1. Aside from the graphics, the big difference between this and, say, Tekken 3, is that you can customize your characters (i.e., completely destroy their well thought out, original designs with mismatched cookie-cutter ones) and take them online where the gods of lag shall determine your ultimate fate.

To add insult to injury, if you want to customize your favorite characters you must play through a boring beat-em-up campaign mode that controls like doodoo, and you must do this for many hours because unlocking something as simple as a blonde hair can run you $100,000. Is the economy that bad in the Tekken universe?

Anyway there's really not much else to say here. If you're a huge Tekken nerd, nothing will stop you from feeling you HAVE to buy this game. If you're a little more sensible you've probably come to terms with the fact that Tekken has been long dead. Sadly the PS3's power can't make up for the developers' laziness.

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