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Tekken 5

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Gameplay Controls

Tekken 5

Directional Buttons Right = Advance. Left = Retreat. Down/Left = Crouch. Down/Right = Crouch Advance. Right Multiple Times = Run.Up/Right = Jump. Up/Down Quickly = Sidestep. Left/Right Twice Quickly = Stepping In/Out.
X Button Kick. Left Kick.
Triangle Button Guard. Right Punch.
Square Button Punch. Left Punch.
Circle Button Jump. Right Kick.
L2 Button Change Lock-On Target
L1 Button Special Attack. L1 + Triangle = Devil Jin.
R2 Button Lock On
R1 Button Change Lock-On Target
Start Button Pause
Select Button Show/Hide Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Control Camera
R3 Button Reset Camera Position
Combo #1 Circle + Triangle or Square + X = Basic Throw
Combo #2 X or Triangle Into the Foreground = Quick Roll
Combo #3 Square or Triangle Into the Background = Quick Roll
Combo #4 Left, Triangle + Circle or Left, Square + X = Attack Reversal
Combo #5 Left, Triangle + Circle = High and Mid Parry
Combo #6 Down/Right Quickly = Low Parry
Combo #7 Up, Triangle = Stomp
Combo #8 Down + Circle or X = Rising Ankle Kick
Combo #9 Circle + X = Spring Kick
Combo #10 Square + Triangle = Rising Cross-Chop