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Very Lame

posted by donomanx (LAWRENCE, MA) Aug 14, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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I'm not the biggest Tekken fan but even so this game is a lame let down. There's no arcade mode or story mode. No endings. There's a lame street pass thing for swapping trading cards (wow)..

The online didn't seem too bad, not as good as Street Fighter 4 3d edition.

I got bored with this fast and kind of regretted renting it in the first place. There is a bonus full length Tekken cg movie in full 3d but I wouldn't recommend it unless you like watching schools girls and panda bears do a bunch of fruity stuff for an hour and ten minutes.

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posted by halloween84 (SMITHFIELD, PA) Feb 23, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

this game is awesome from the fighting to the amazing 3d graphics and everything in between i love this game

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Really Bad

Ok but not good.

posted by ElFreeko (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 8, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Been a fan of the Tekken series since I played Tekken 3 on the first Playstation and I was looking forward to this game. I am glad that I rented it before I decided to buy it.

The graphics on this game are amazing. It shows just how good a game can look on the 3DS. Sadly that is just about the only good thing about the game. The game lacks certain modes that keep it from being a real Tekken game like the ones on the big consoles.

There is no Story mode. Most fighting games don't really need one but the Tekken series does a good enough job to make it entertaining. Instead you are left with a Survival mode and Quick battle mode. These modes are fun for the first time you play through them but they offer no real reason to keep coming back.

You get your standard Versus mode.

The online mode is where the game would have been fun despite the other modes, however due to lag and not being able to find many opponents to fight with I quickly gave up. The few people I did find were slow and almost unplayable matches. I tried playing online at many different times during a few days to see if I just got unlucky with online lag but the result was the same. I had no problems playing online matches with Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

The controls are responsive but too close to each other. Some commands are hard to input because you end up hitting the other buttons. An example of this would be King and his chain combo grabs. Some moves require you to press 2-4 buttons at once or in a row and you end up hitting the wrong ones.

The movie that was included with the game was a nice bonus and shows what the 3DS can do in terms of movies.

This game feels more like it was a playable demo of a Tekken game. Namco could have marketed the movie for the 3DS at a low price ($5-$8) and add the game as it is now as a playable demo of what a future Tekken game could be on the 3DS system.

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