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Very Good

Back to your Pixelated Past.

posted by Superfly98 (ASHLAND, OR) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Jan 2006

So i was like many of Tecmo Bowl fans upon figuring out that finally after all this time we get to feast on the simple factors of a football game. Throwing ball, Catching the ball, Running the ball, and hitting the guy with the ball. I jumped out of my seat and scrounged all the money i could and put it toward getting Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff. Now for those of you who are new to the Tecmo Bowl franchise i'll give you the basic rundown. Back in the golden age of gaming, there once was a football game called Super Tecmo Bowl. Which was loved for it's fast paced gameplay and its awesome mini anime-esque cutscenes. Many insults and cheers were yelled at people sitting next to people who played eachother were shouted. People played to be the best they can be. But upon the 64 bit dawn of gaming Tecmo Bowl and its simple gameplay was lost. Now the basic selling point of Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff was that it had still maintained its simple gameplay. Which made me and a few other of my friends go back into Sports games simply because we all were intimidated by the memorization and complication involved with Madden. Gameplay is simple hit up down left or right and then A or B to select a play. Hit Y and X to select your receiver. and B to throw. I'd say the only minorly complicated part about the game is the Team Creation. Now if your like me. You like a challenge and rather than just beefing up your team you beef up every team in the game. Which takes quite a while. Whilst that might not be a trait of some of you, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying the full customization of your playbook. (You don't make your own plays but you can put what ever you wish in them though) And player perks are quite easy to set up. There are only a couple things that bug me. 1. The ref is still missing. 2. It gets pretty old if you just play it by yourself all the time. But if you play with a friend have your insult arsenal ready. All in all its a fun game. I recommend it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

1990 Retro Game

posted by trystero (OAKLAND, CA) Nov 23, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

This is so much like the NES Tecmo Bowl or Tecmo Super Bowl. It stresses quality nostalgic gameplay over graphics. The fatal flaw is that its multiplayer is multi-cart only, not single cart. This game is NOT good enough to just play 1 player. Playing 1 on 1 with your friends is fun, but not good enough to convince your friends to get it or to waste two gamefly slots on it.

If it were single cart 2-player, I could give it an 8 or 9. But it isn't good enough to play by yourself and not good enough to beg your friends to get it.

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