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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars


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1-1 tagteam fighting.

posted by batlrangr8 (FALLS CHURCH, VA) Jul 22, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

the controls are ok. i use the wiimote and nunchuck so the controls are responsive. though there are some things i dont know so its best to get a hold of the manual of the game. yet it feels strangely familiar to ssbb. direction + b = a special attack. theres this special meter on the bottom that when it fills you are able to do your mega attack. it can also go up to 5. each character has 3 mega attacks. 2 can use up 1 mega meter, while the other uses 3. they can be use by moving the analog stick left right or down, hold it, and pressing A and B.
each character has different attacks and abilities that take notice when you use or face. some characters are slow and give more damage, others are fast but give less damage. and of course there are the giant characters. luckily they made it fair by making them the only character u can use when fighting. there are known characters in the game, but the tatsunoku characters are the ones that you'll question who they are. as playing the characters i soon got interested in wanting to know more about the characters. each fight lets you choose 2 fighters or 1 giant fighter. with 2 fighters the other can do assists by pressing Z.
there isnt any story mode so thats not a big deal for me. there are different modes you can try. arcade, versus, wifi battles, training, survival, time attack. arcade is the simple series of matches with a boss at the end. after beating the end boss u get a special ending for the character who defeated the boss. so youll try every character and see each of there unique ending.
online is a good addition. yes you do use the imfamous friend code if you want a friend to face you online, BUT there is also a rival list. after an online match you can add that player to the list so you can face him again whenever he/she is online.
overall its fun, even better with friends. buy it if your an MVC/ street fighter fan. dont dismiss it for the tatsunoku fighters. its not bad to try somethin new.

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GF Rating

Above Average

good...but it gets boring

posted by ap2195 (CORTLANDT MANOR, NY) Jul 13, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

For the 1st hour or so i played it, i though it was amazing. I loved the choice of characters you can play as and special moves in the game. I'm a little disappointed that you can't play against computer controlled opponents freely. After playing the arcade mode a couple of times, it begins to get a little tedious and boring.

I would have like to see a story line with a plot like in super smash bros brawl.

The controls are hard to get used to, you find yourself using the same one or two moves over and over again. The special moves are simple to pull of which is much appreciated.

Overall its a good game to rent and enjoy for a couple of days, but i would'nt invest into buying it

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GF Rating

Very Good

pretty good

posted by mattman7 (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jul 3, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

this is a good fighting game if you have play the v.s series before. it has some good characters but the creators could have put in more people though. i just wish there were more street fighter characters but thats just me . aside from that its pretty good

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