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Target Terror

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I should hate this game...but I dont

posted by KNICKS2030 (WARWICK, NY) May 2, 2008

Member since Sep 2005

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Call me crazy but I love this game. Everything about it screams that I should hate it...but I just cant, I keep playing. The hit detecation is terrible, the animations suck, the music is generic and repetive, the games short(although thats expected in a light gun game), and the framerate is horrendous. Even with all those negatives about the game, I WILL buy it when I can get it for under $20(although its tempting at $25). Playing this game brings back so many amazing memories of Area 51 and other old school arcade shooters. But like what one of the other reviewers said about the game, this most reminds me of and is probably why I love it so much is Lethal Enforcers..probably my favorite light gun game of all time. If you can overlook the games flaws(which will be hard for most) you will enjoy this game.

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Very Good

Nice Shooter

posted by JCDRAC (TOWNSEND, TN) May 8, 2008

Member since Sep 2003

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This game is similar to a Time Crisis. You see the guys with the guns and you shoot them while avoiding the innocent bystanders. The playability is good if you like these games as I do but the graphics are not like the arcade due to the WII limitations with hardware. It's a fun game anyway.

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Such a horrible game.

posted by CaptColon (SHIRLEY, NY) Jan 1, 2009

Member since Sep 2005

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I had bought one of those cheap Wii Zapper guns for $5 and wanted to rent a shooting game to try it out on...I don't know why I picked this one.

We'll start with the graphics: They're bad. The characters are pixelated badly, especially when up close, and the pre-rendered backgrounds are just really poor. The 10 second long FMV clips that play before each level are also horrible (both in picture quality and the acting ability of the lady playing the news anchor). The frame-rate gets really choppy at times, which can affect your aiming accuracy. I know nobody buys a Wii and expects high quality HD graphics or anything, but this looks like a game for the original PlayStation.

In the sound department there really isn't much to say. The characters scream as you shoot them just like in every other shooting game. One of the mini-games plays background music that sounds just like the Benny Hill theme. This game proves that contrary to popular belief, the Benny Hill theme does NOT automatically make everything more fun.

The controls are good, although as mentioned above the choppy frame-rate can mess up your accuracy. And that is the only time I will use the word "good" when describing this game.

The length of the game (like most of these types of games) is short. It will take just over an hour to beat all 10 levels, probably less if you play with a second player. The game gives you 40 continues, so even a novice player can beat this. There are a handful of mini-games you can unlock by doing different objectives in each level (such as shooting 10 explosive barrels, or shooting out 25 windows) but none are very fun. Probably the least fun one is where you are hitting exploding golf balls at people driving back and forth in golf karts.

Some people would consider this one of those games that is "so bad it's good", but no, it's so bad it's....awful. Just avoid this one.

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