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Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

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Completion bonus'

When you win quest mode in this Xbox fighting title, you will unlock two cutscenes.


Since there is no health reset you are forced to adapt your strategy during a fight and not during every round like in other fighters. But if your Chi meter is full you can heal broken limbs instead of performing character-specific Chi attacks.


When you are close to a wall/object you can press the d-pad towards the wall/object and propel your character at your opponent. This can be an effective attack (based on the character you choose) as well as sparing you from a beating when backed up against a wall.


There are short combos (3-4 buttons) and complex combos (5-10 buttons). If you are performing these complex combo you will have to get your timing down and even then they will be hard to pull off.


Fortunately for hardcore gamers, Tao Feng relies heavily on combos. Learning these combos are imperative to learning moves and increasing your fluidity while playing. Newbies might get discouraged early, but with practice gamers will be relatively surprised with how rewarding it is to learn complex combos.


Once you have taken the first hit of a combo you cannot block/sidestep that combo until it has been completed. With good timing you might be able to perform a quick strike to interrupt a combo. If you block/evade a combo, you can attack with your own combo (your opponent is attacking and not blocking).

Limb Damage

There are two ways to get limb damage. You can either block too much or get banged into an object/wall often. When you receive a red danger warning it means one more hit and your limb is automatically damaged (this can be healed with a full chi meter).

Get the Ethereal Plane Of Immortality stage

Finish advance training mode with any character to unlock the Ethereal Plane Of Immortality stage.

Unlock Zhao Yen

Finish quest mode with all characters of both the Pale Lotus and the Black Mantis sects to unlock Zhao Yen.


Since there is no timer, you are forced to defeat your opponent and eliminate his/her three power bars if you want to advance to the next character. This requires fluidity in your fighting technique. Expect your matches to last between 3-7 minutes.