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Also on:PS2
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GF Rating


not an impressive remake of the ps2 version

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Jul 29, 2014

Member since Apr 2012

seriously this is not worth a rent the skits r not voiced but the cutscenes r and that is really disappointing, also fon master ion still sounds like a girl. and this game doesn't make sense just like the ps2 version.

waste of time to rent

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GF Rating

Above Average

No voice in Skit, very disappointed

posted by Norsean (EVANSTON, IL) Mar 6, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Well, it may be a fun game, but I never bothered to play it through. Because as you should know, the fun of the Tales series is in reading the skits. However, I can not say how much disappointed I am to find out they cut the English dubs in the skits, to make it more worse when you play the skits you can not skip conversations and are forced to watch the characters moving their mouths without sound as opposed the original voiced Japanese version. So no, I will not play this cheap rip off version from the original PS2 version. Just find a English dubbed Japanese game and play it through Emulator. You will find much more fun.I assure you!!

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GF Rating


Very Long, but hardly portable!

posted by Danomeon (HUXLEY, IA) Jun 19, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

A typical game in the Tales series, with real-time action combat and your traditional JRPG elements. It's a lot of fun to play, with good combat and a surprisingly awesome story. While combat can drag occasionally, the game does give you an option to have the game fight automatically for you, which helps reduce the grind in some areas when you can go and do something else while the game gets through the more annoying encounters. The combat can be either easy or difficult, which makes the game possible for some easy, portable fun, and the option to grind is always there.

The only complaint that I have about this game is that it sticks pretty rigidly to its original PS2 iteration, which is frustrating because it is a portable game. I took this game along for a week of vacation that involved a lot of small spurts of driving, meaning that I needed a long portable game that I could play off and on as the situation demanded. I was pleased with the length of the game; it lasted me for most of the week at a total duration of 40 hours, and you have the option to play through the game again with perks that you can purchase using a currency you earn through battles. However, I was displeased that during long dungeons you cannot save except for at specific save spots, whereas in the open world environments you can save anywhere. Having these long puzzle and battle-filled segments in which you cannot save your game at all means that I oftentimes couldn't chip away at this game in partciular car rides because they just weren't long enough to assure that I would be able to reach another save point in time. This is frustrating, and had I been able to save whenever I wanted (or create a temporary save that owuld be erased upon returning to the game), I would not have had so many frustrating moments while playing.

Also, the game is not original for all 40 hours. Expect to do a TON of backtracking. I have all of the games' dungeons mapped on the inside of my brain now.

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