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Really Bad

this game doesn't make sense and it sucked

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

tales of the abyss has wierd characters dressed like girls and i kno fon master ion is a girl, and alot of people think its a boy but i think its a girl for a bunch of reasons:

his voice his clothes and hair!!!

thats proof

plot is annoying
graphics r horrible
battles r ok
i was running around confused as to y i couldn't figure out how to get to this next place cuz i had to cross a river
this game was the worst tales game ever in my opinion....

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GF Rating


an incredible RPG

posted by tatkat (SHERMAN, IL) Mar 2, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Tales of the Abyss is an incredibly well-done RPG. The gameplay is simple enough to understand, in combat, you run around a 3D battle arena that forms when you encounter monsters and you try to hack at enemies health, while blocking or dodging. You also have a variety of special attacks and magic spells to deal incrediable damage if used right. It's simple to understand and controls are quite responsive, and its not too easy as mindless hacking will just get you killed. The game also has co-op so you could experience the adventure with any 3 friends u want as well. My favorite part of the game is the story and characters. The story has many twists and turns as you play as you try to understand the main goals of the villian, who i won't spoil who that is because that is a twist too. The characters are really well written who do mature and change as the story goes on. The characters and even the villian are quite sypathetic. Also, by pressing select when prompted u get little extra conversations between which are used quite well to further establish them, and help us to see more of whats going on in their head. It will seem very linear however, but there are plenty of sidequests and a huge world to explore. Now for some flaws, I would be lying if I said i was invested in every character, as some of them are not intreasting for the most part and some parts of the story can be slow at times. Also, not all the optional conversations are really neccasary and are quite pointless. Its still a 9 out of 10 for me, hope this review was helpful

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tales the game to beat many times before your done

posted by duchiha18 (ROCHESTER, NY) Jan 4, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Ok so lets start out with this. It is a rpg like many other story heads down the same path as the other with its personal twist turn to make it differnt.
The battle system if you never played tales is not turned based. U still have the whole battle field appear after a screen animation but instead of the norm. u have decent sized circlish area with semi free roam application within it. Your character is free controlled as u work combos with your normal attacks and artes(the techinque) in a real time battle. A few like other rpg chars have magic based artes that have a wait. i dont have much else to say as this is similar to other rpgs around the same year or system in mostly every thing else but of course no repeats to the other still its own game. ooh u know what a mean if u play rpgs. its kinda hard to explain. But when comparing this with rpgs to give u an idea but it up their with ff or kingdom hearts in EPICNESS LEVEL !!!!!!!!!!

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