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posted by zentensu (BREMERTON, WA) Feb 18, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

im a huge fan of the tales of game saga and this game dose not let me down. i wanted to give it a ten but because of the glitches in it. they are kind of annoying simetimes, i had to give it a nine because of that. but over all if your a fan of any of the tales games you will like this game, it dose not disapoint. over all if you dont mind some glitches that can be anoying but can also be used to help you. get this game and if you have a 3ds get that one too because its remasterd with beter graphics and faster lodeing screans but before you do that play the orginal to know the real experince.

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Really Long but Awesome Game.

posted by nellybell515 (FEESBURG, OH) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I personally loved this game as you can see from my 9 rating. I would of given it a 10 had it not been for one thing and that would be the Map System or I should say the lack of a Map System.

The entire game through you basically have no real map while in dungeons or even towns. The only map that I seemed to find was while you are in the ships and even then there is no clear markings until you spent hours going around in cycles trying to find where you are going.

Other then the Map, I LOVED this game. The Characters are believable and have their own unique personalities. Also you can't help feeling for them and their situation.

The storyline is a bit confusing at times but makes enough sense for you to understand what is happening in their world and want to see it through to the end. Also right when you think you are done with the game, They throw something else at you. Some of you may not like that but I personally did but then again I am all for games that last over 50 hours. :D

The Gameplay was different and made you really think about what you were doing. No hack and slash deal unless you wanted to do that. The magical elements or Artes were stunning to look at. Only thing I didn't really like to much was it was kind of a side scrolled when moving, making it hard to turn around sometimes but it seemed to work out well when combining all the magics and combat.

Overall, I would diffidently recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good RPG storyline and a very very long playtime.

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Best ps2 rpg

posted by NOshun (EDEN PRAIRIE, MN) Jun 30, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

I love this game too bad i got it scratched.
I really hate the tales series but this is amazing
1 good graphics for the ps2 time
2 the gameplay was aaaawwwwsssssoooommmmmeeeee
3 the story was decent
4 it had alright sound track axcept the 1st battle theme

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