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Get out of here Ivar

posted by Grettles (LITHONIA, GA) Mar 7, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

At first approach I was thrown off a little bit by the amount of cut-scenes ( it's a jrpg I know I know), but it does a great job telling a fantastic story. The combat is a lot of fun, and becomes extremely fluid later in the game. You will develop a bond with certain characters although some of the voice acting is a little spotty. Boss battles are a load of fun and the further you progress the further you truly get to enjoy this game. If you love Rpgs and a great story this is a must have.

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Simple and Sweet

posted by kgfan3 (MCKINNEY, TX) Feb 27, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

Tales of Xillia is not for the gamers looking for a great challenge overall. Sure the extra dungeon gives you a decent run for your money, but the rest of the game almost gives you a nice path to the finish.
The story, however, is one for you to use your imagination on while at the same time piecing together the many side stories that come with the game. I found myself adding in plot lines and wondering what the game could be if I were to get a hold of it, which in my mind means that I am intrigued with the game and what it is bringing me.
The best part about the game were the artes. The way you can link together MANY combinations of artes with everyone one of your teammates every time makes the game worth trying to see what you can string together. Very well done system.
Terrible review done right here, but if you like easy and fun, this is a GREAT game to run through while you may be looking for an RPG with some in your face emotion and, while bland acting scars the game a bit, gives you a sense of understanding of what they are going through, then do it. Highly recommended for some Tales fun.

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Extremely Enjoyable to Play

posted by Valinur (BOISE, ID) Jan 26, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

-Completion time: About 75 hours with very little farming, moderate sidequest completion
-Game type: RPG with four-character parties; every character can be played in battle
-World type: Mostly open world, linear in certain storyline sections
-Difficulty: Not overly difficult for experienced RPG players; played on hard until end (except last boss)
-Interest level throughout game: Held my attention from the start to the end
-Comparison to similar games: Much better than Tales of Graces F, slightly better than Tales of Vesperia, better than FFXIII-1 and 2
-Replay value: Better than previous Tales games, since you can select a different primary character and get a different perspective on the game's events

Good features:
- Characters are the best characters I've encountered in Tales games, even slightly better than Vesperia (full disclosure: I've only played Vesperia, Graces, and Xillia 1)
- Battle system is honestly enjoyable to play, although it is a bit repetitive after 40-50 hours of gametime. Still, you can play a different character and mix it up a bit, so it shouldn't get boring.
- Storyline moved fairly quickly; a little slow in a couple sections, but it was well-done. The characters behaved in a mostly believable fashion, and the main characters actually experienced personality progression, which is a step up from Graces/Vesperia.
Bad features:
- Abrupt ending, although Xillia's ending video at least provided more closure about the individual characters than the previous games.
- Near the end of the game (encountered this in previous Tales games as well), the storyline seems...rushed. It's difficult to describe, but the plot just becomes less enjoyable near the 85-90% completion mark.

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