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Great Game!

posted by KouOkami (TUCSON, AZ) Jun 9, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This was the first time I ever got to play it thanks to gamefly! The storyline was really engaging and i fell in love with the characters. The plot was definatly interesting. I plan on buying the collectors edition for the goodies and then i'll 100% the trophies!

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GF Rating


Good, but not amazing

posted by AquaOrange (OJAI, CA) Apr 25, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

As a 21 year-old, I found this game quite corny. The characters are not very likable or believable and the humor is very childish compared to other Tales titles. I've played a number of Tales games, including their most successful titles Symphonia and Versperia and I believe Xilia reuses a lot of content from them such as plot, locations, and concepts, but does it in a much worse way.


+ The combat is improved from previous titles, giving a more complex way to go about fighting enemies. It seems a little slower paced which isn't a bad thing.

+ Character development is quite grandiose, giving you an almost limitless way of leveling up your character.


- Filler. There is no "world map" and instead there is a transitional zone between locations that is nearly identical to each other one. You spend 60% of your game time in this zone, avoiding monsters and picking up loot that respawns which makes it very monotonous. This is one of, if not the worst part about this game. The lack of world map makes you feel isolated and does not immerse you, and this zone makes it even worse.

- Extreme clichès. Every JRGPs has its gimmicks but this one has many more than previous titles. Some of them include:
-- Powerful little girls. I'm not sexist, more of a realist.
-- Talking and floating cute doll things. Looks like Tales started taking ideas from Final Fantasy.
-- Strange humor. Not bad by itself, but not successful in this game (in my opinion).

- Cringe-worthy dialogue. This game simply not flow. Every dialogue seems to have 3-10 seconds between responses, making it a very awkward game. Combine this with characters with poor personalities (besides Alvin) and you have conversations that are not entertaining.

Overall: 7/10. Although with my bashing it might seem like it's a bad game - it's not. I figure most people will enjoy it, especially if you're new to the series, but compared to other games it is poorly made. Rent it and see for

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GF Rating

Above Average

A so-so RPG experience

posted by bigjake12345 (FOREST HILL, MD) Mar 10, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

This game is like Tekken and Final Fantasy had a baby that turned out to be a just a watered down version of each game melded into one. The story starts off very intriguing but eventually falls into character developments that don't make sense and by the end the story falls prey to that of countless JRPG's where the developers need 40 hours of main story but really only have enough creativity for 20. Be ready for many plot elements, especially late game, to be a reach. Oftentimes during the game I felt like maybe there was some dialogue that didn't really translate over into English.

I played through with Jude......and did not exercise the option to play through again with Milla.

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