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Amazing Game

posted by FullMetal7 (BRONX, NY) Aug 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game was truly amazing and i mean every word. There is so much they did right in this game. If you truly go through all the side missions and all that its a really long game on this generations standards. The story was well thought out, combat is the best I've seen in RPG's, it's actually fun and does not get repetitive at all you get tons of different moves that you can combo together by yourself or with a team member. Another aspect i like is that you can play as every member in your party, not many RPG's let allow you. Overall the game really made me give RPG's another shot because most of the recent releases are trash to be honest even the latest FF series have been dull in many aspects. Definitely a buy if you can or rent if you are not a RPG fan i recommend this game to any gamer.

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Tales of series gets better and better

posted by xXShYnXx (IRVINGTON, NJ) Aug 19, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First off i will state that im a HUGE tales of fan played everygame that came to the states even imported a few, and the others that got english translations i.e The real Tales of Destiny 2 not the US ToD2 "which is tales of eternia in Japan". With that out the way the review might b kinda biased so I'll try to keep it short. This is a great game for anyone who love Jrpgs and who like the tales of series. You get to pick between 2 main characters jude or milla kinda like star ocean on the PSX but it dont effect what characters you get. Depending on who you pick you start from there perspective jude is in medical school and milla is on a mission with the four spirits. Don't want to say to much about the story but it's good. Now for tales of fans we love the battle system and trust me it's great. You have your typical artes n such this game uses a system kinda similar to graces with the cc but in this game it's called AC. You use up AC everytime you normal attack and use artes and artes also use tp. They have this link system which IMO is kinda similar to chrono trigger. Depending on who you link with you can do link artes for ex: jude and milla linked up you can do demon fist then go into a new arte that you n milla do together. Theres all type of different artes you can do depending on who's linked with who. Once you go into overlimit you can do link chains ex:jude n milla have a lot of link artes and u can chain them all together one after the other, or you can start with jude n milla then quickly link to someone else and do there link arte. Its so much fun and once you get it down pact you can do all type of combos do a atk arte,to a heal arte or buff arte if needed etc. It's the best battle system to date of the tales series. They also brought skills back if you played vesperia you will be right at home. Trust me if you like tales of series you will love this game and we are getting xillia2 early2014. This is my first review ever I hope it helped.

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A Solid, but Unspectacular RPG

posted by rshadix86 (DAYTON, OH) Jan 28, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

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Tales of Xillia is pretty much what you've come to expect from the Tales series. Not much here offends, but not much stands out and makes this game a must-own. The level-up system is basically the Crystarium from Final Fantasy XIII done right - simpler and with less hassle. There's some truly hilarious dialogue that comes out of left field, but it's mostly confined to "skits" - brief interludes during overworld exploration where you can watch the characters' heads chitchat. For a system as powerful as the PS3, there's really no excuse to watch dialogue unfold in such comic book like fashion. Everything else is pretty much bog standard - you're on a quest to save the world from a mysterious entity, set in a high fantasy world with creatively designed towns and villages. After about 30 hours you'll be glad you rented, instead of bought.

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