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GF Rating


Life rot worth it.

posted by Jacket (MILLINGTON, TN) Oct 10, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

134 out of 138 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

This game will make you lock everyone out of your house and tell your life to wait a week, you'll need it.

The best part about the game, is it immediately pulls you in with a gripping motion and a plot that's easy to follow. You don't spend your time wondering what's happening or who's doing what, or anything. Its all so clear to you. The character design is beautiful, the environments are breathtaking, and just some of the visual effects of Spells, Attacks, Environments, or anything capable of being seen, can leave you in awe. The combat isn't repetitive, as you are constantly learning new abilities, and skills may be changed on the fly. Characters are interchangable, and so many customization options are available within the later part of the game.

The only thing I can really point out as a negative aspect is the fact that the game's achievements can be frustrating. Once you get involved in a boss fight, majority of which contain this, a "secret Mission" is available. Its a small objective within the fight that you must achieve. Some of them are very simple and should be used to win the fight regardless. But some are outrageous, and can leave you angry. Like hitting them at an exact moment, or making attacks hit a specific spot. It can be nerve wracking. Its well worth it though, as every mission awards a good item in the game and the achievement points that you oh so desire.

Above all, the game is amazing. I bought it, and I don't regret it period. I took my time, taking 83 hours to beat it the first time, Majority of the bosses fought in Hard difficulty, the remainders in Normal. It is very fun, and there is so much to do!!

I give it full recommendation, whether you are a fan of the Tales series, or you just like good games. Its absolutely amazing.

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GF Rating


Great game! -so fresh-

posted by N4STYfresh (NORTHPORT, NY) Jun 5, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

49 out of 50 gamers (98%) found this review helpful

I give this a 10 because i had a great time playing through the whole game!

Im a major gaming enthusiast and i love a great adventure, if you're an RPG fan of any kind this game is for you. I enjoyed every bit of game taking me 58 hours to beat. Just like every RPG i've played on average it takes me about 5-6 hours to really get into the game...after that get ready to spend every momment of free time playing through an amazing tale. Theres a great cast of characters all with their own unique abilitys and personality. Once you have the freedom to really roam the open world there is just so much to do and see, theres just so much replay value. I got hooked!

The combat system is awsome! A fresh start for me because im used to the oldschool turn based, all the combat in this game is done in real time. Later in the game you'll have the ability to change your group leader and characters during battle to add more depth to the combat. I like how you always see the enemy first so you're always prepared. Every boss in the game was awsome to fight, even the giganto monsters you stumble upon roaming around the open world are wild to battle. Overall the game is a lot of fun to play!

I will never nit pick! Overall this game is great looking the environments, characters, bosses, combat artes, spell effects, EVERYTHING! If you have an HD tv your eyes will be in for a treat!

Just like any other RPG...epic soundtrack! Great battle music, every environment has a good tune, boss and giganto monster music is totally EPIC, and the voice acting is good.

I recommend any RPG fan to give this game a play through, i know you'll have fun playing it. You'll get attatched to the characters and never want to stop playing until you beat the game!

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GF Rating


A Terrific Tale!

posted by Gamepro3 (CAPE CHARLES, VA) May 26, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

17 out of 18 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Tales of Vesperia is beautifully done RPG created by bandai namco.First I will begin this review with the story.I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I will tell like this.The story begins on a planet called Terca Lumeris.The games protagonist Yuri Lowell is a downtown boy from the worlds captial Zaphias.Born and raised in the lower quarter.Who sets off on a journey to recover the aque blastia from the lower quarters fountain.Which was stolen by some unknown thief.This small task turns into a full blown adventure when he meets princess Estelle.A naive pink haired noble from the castle.Yuri & Estelle later meet karol, Rita, Judith ,& Raven.All the characters are very endearing, you will find yourself loving them all.Overall the the story is very good! The graphics are just absolutely stunning.From the character models to the towns to the lushly colored environments.This game looks like a Saturday morning anime cartoon,& the character expressions look realistic, & believable.Just pure eye candy! But the battle system is what makes this game shine the brightest. It's just pure fun! Most of the battles are button smashing,but some require a little strategy to win.Each member of your party has magic type abilities called artes.Which are fun to use & flashy looking.There are also fatal strike moves that you can use that kills most enemies in one hit. The voice acting is topnotch for an English dub.I thought it was going to be mediocre at best.But I was wrong.The musical score is marvelous,and fits the game well.The world of Tales of Vesperia is littered with hundreds of hilarious skits.That are just a joy to watch over, & overt again! The dialogue is very clever & well written too.Nothing childish & silly.The sound affects are great the controls are finely crafted, & the puzzles are great,but not very challenging but they are fun to solve nontheless.All in all this game is just an epic enjoyable adventure,and the best RPG on the 360. This tale is wonderfully told

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