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A rare gem for the Gamecube

posted by Meekus (ROCKLIN, CA) Apr 18, 2006

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It's easy to sound like every other game review done when telling you about 'Tales of Symphonia'--compelling storyline, beautiful graphics and sound, blah blah blah. The difference this time, is it's true with 'Tales.'

Graphics: The look of the game is no 'Final Fantasy X', but for what it is, is wonderful. The cel-shaded, cartoony, and colorful character designs lend themselves well to the games light-hearted humor, yet somehow doesn't seem to distract from the powerful dramatic moments. With that said, the graphics are the game's weakest aspect.

Sound: The sound fx are good but nothing innovating. The voice acting is better than most. You may recognize a few voice talents. The music is average mostly. It properly sets the mood for the area or dramatic scene. Occasionally you might get stuck on a puzzle or lost in an area and the music can get repetitive.

Game play: What makes this game so remarkable isn't how it looks or sounds but how it plays. The storyline starts out as your stereotypical RPG plot, but quickly trashes that for it's own unique premise. The battle sequences combine AI tactics (which you strategize) and good ol' fashioned real time button mashing. There are countless AI strategy combinations, although only a few are effective. All the main characters' traits are more 3D than 2D-cookie-cutter. Although the main storyline is linear, various sections of the plot will pan out differently depending on how you've played through previous plot points. There are tons of side quests that more than double the length of play and also add to the plot's depth. Initial run though of the game only took me about 30 hours (maybe less) but I've clocked over 70 completing most of the side quests (no joke). And with various "endings," this game (unlike most RPGs) has an inviting replay value.

This has been a welcome addition to the GC console. 'Tales of Symphonia' can keep you busy for days on end.

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A rare installment for the GC console.

posted by Joshua (SUNRISE, FL) Jun 8, 2006

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Tales Of Symphonia is a 2 disc game, that is amazing. I cant stop playing this game, I keep playing it over and over again, with different characters.

Graphics: Its a cell-shaded look, but it helps the graphics make more sense to the game. Sometimes there are skits you can watch if you like, some of them are comedy filled. 8/10

Sound: The music is pretty good, the battle music isn't so special but its catchy. 7/10

Features: This game features something that almost no other game might have, besides another Tales game, the very feature im talking about is, that you can use different characters to battle with, from a selection of 8 characters, with 8 playable characters, and up to 4 people that can play, this game is amazing. It also features a team skill, which is fun to look into, called Unison Attack, you can learn more about the Unison Attack by going to the official ToS (Tales of Symphonia) site. (Just google Tales Of Symphonia). 10/10

Gameplay: Best thing in the entire game.
Up to 6 skills can be set to be able to be preformed in battle, which is great. Each character has over 25 skills they can learn, which vary from the type you raise them, T-Type or S-Type, again for more info about that visit the Tales of symphonia site. It never stops getting fun, but its the best when you play with another friend, family member etc. 10/10

Overall: Wow. Nuff said. 10/10

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A perfect symphony

posted by ArmOfAegis (IRVINE, CA) Aug 17, 2006

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From beginning to end, this is a great game all around, and competes among the best RPGs of all time in my book.

Story-Based off the them that People need to overcome differences to make the world a better place, this story is so compelling from the start. You'll get drawn in to events that affect characters and the struggles each and everyone make, internally and externally.

Gameplay-The battles are very enjoyable. It takes place on a 3D battle field although you move your character in a 2d plane. Your allies will be running and acting in all sorts of ways depending on how you config their battle strategies. These battles never got old, and the bosses were real challenges.

Characters - You'll fall in love with the characters as each of them are so different from each other, yet find a way to work together. It's really awesome watching the main character gain the respect of his companions and the sacrifices they make for him and his cause. You can't help but be drawn in by the things that happen to them, good or bad.

Voice Acting - For each and every character was perfectly cast. The tone and style of their voices match with the personality of their characters.

Overall this is a definate buy or at the worst a rent for any RPG fan. You wont be disappointed.

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