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Kids with issues save the world... again

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Nov 26, 2008

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It's back to the World Tree as Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, sequel to the impressive Gamecube title. Some things have changed since our last adventure, but much has remained the same.
But let's begin with the story, which is even less cohesive than the first. In a nutshell, a monster lord named Ratatosk inhabits a boy named Emil so he can help Marta (a young girl with a mysterious past) hatch the cores of Centurions so he can regain the power to seal the Ginnungagap, the doorway to the demonic realm Niflheim. Everyone catch that? Good.
While the heroes from the previous game show up, the main focus is on Emil and Marta. Unfortunately, Emil is not like Lloyd Irving. He's timid, unsure and spends a great amount of time apologizing. This is explained throughout the game, but you often wish he'd just shut up so you can play the game.
The game world will seem very familiar to those who played the original, because most of the dungeons and towns are the same. There are different challenges and puzzles, mind you, but they're significantly easier and faster than before. While the first game lasted 80 hours, this plays for about 30.
One thing that cuts down on time is the over-world. Instead of wandering across the landscape, you get a map where you can choose locations. For me, this works because it streamlines what was mostly tedious walking.
You battle by running into enemies. This works fine, but I often thought the game had frozen as I waited for the battle to start.
It is likely that the monster system (try not to think of Pokemon while playing) will be a big selling point. Tons of monsters to get and divergent evolution paths add to gameplay.
Upon completion, you get the option of starting a new game with extras, such as saving your money and items or gaining 2X and 10x experience. This greatly adds to replay.
In conclusion, fans of the first game or those looking for a new RPG fix, will like this one. However, it isn't as rich or epic as the first.

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As "7" As It Gets...

posted by johnnie173 (WILKES BARRE, PA) Jun 26, 2011

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There is nothing Earth shattering here.
Yes, Emil and Marta may be the most annoying, whining lead characters in video game history, but as the game goes, you notice less, and eventually forget about their spinelessness.
I was not a fan of the battle system... I'm pretty old school, and like turn-based attack sysyems... This one is pretty much an "A" basher-- Run up to your opponent, mash the "A" button until dead, move on, etc. Very little strategy involved.
There are surprisingly few "Boss" battles, and the only truly hard ones are Decus and Richter at the end.
It was fun developing monsters, but you soon realize that they are pretty much useless in battle. As you befriend more humans throughout the game, you use monsters less and less. They are a novelty at best.
By Wii RPG standards, this is a grand slam...
If you still have a PS2, this is a pretty good game at best.
I'd highly reccomend a rent, but not a buy.
Tennabrae might be the coolest third party character in RPG history! Cool English accent for a summon spirit that looks like a dog!
Also, WAY too many long, boring cut scenes and tutorials.
Not great... Not bad...
A strong 7....

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Very Good

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World

posted by 13bubster (HAZEL GREEN, AL) Jun 3, 2011

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This games is the sequel to Tales of Symphonia however the main characer is not of the original cast.

Story - You play as Emil. A young boy whose parents were murdered by Lloyd in Palmacosta. Due to his hatred everyone including his family despises him and treats him like a monster. He later meets Marta after she saves him from a monster. He then follows her and finds his new friend Richter attacking her. He is burst out of the room and makes a pact with Tenebrae Centurion of Darkness. He is then forced to become Marta's protector and gains an alter personality. The story is excellent and very uniqe. Although Emil's alter later gets more and more significant and is his complete opposite. 8

Gameplay - Battle is on real tine on a seperate battle field with 4 people. Battle is in real time but almost no strategy is required as it can be used on every normal enemy. Instead of a vast world map you have a area menu which makes the game slightly linear. You can also recruit monsters and there are plenty of sidequests. 8

Presentation - The graphics are average for the Wii but it has a classic vibe due to this. The music is amazing but forgettable. 7

Overall this is a wonderful game with minor flaws. I give it...... a 7.6!

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