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Isn't worth your time.

posted by Zoidburg (FAIRBORN, OH) Jun 30, 2006

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A little background. This is another installment of the "Tales" series, which features Real Time random battles. Now, Real time is sort of like... Zelda. But, these are random battles, with HP, magic, ect.

Story 4/10.
I made it through the first two hours of the game before I decided I didn't like it. VERY generic. I've played a few games with most of these plot elements. You and a friend go out into the woods... kill something, find out your town is in trouble, and BAM, everyone is dead, including your parents, and you want revnge... Then, you find out who does it (in a matter of... 20 minutes), and they summon this evil king character who has amazing powers, and basicly kills everyone, and you escape into the past. Thats as far as I got.

Graphic 7/10.
I enjoyed the smooth looking characters and backdrops. Sometime, I'm actually amazed by them. Others... it gets repeditive.

Sound 4/10.
The only points this gets... is from the music. Which is okay. The begining has VOICE OVERS (?!), which are poorly done, and you can't hear them. Then, well, when you cast a spell or something, your character shouts the name of the spell, which is mostly misunderstood, unless you know the name of the spell.

Controls 2/10.
Horrible. The controls aren't grid based, and I had loads of trouble getting on a savepoint a few times. RT battles are slow, and you barely have control over your character.

Battles 5/10.
Aside from the RT standplint, you have strategies your party members can use. Other than that, it is a bunch of button mashing, and even then, you really don't have full control over your character.

Overall 3/10.
I've had some trouble getting this game from GF (they sent me the wrong game, then it took another week or so to get it sorted out...) and come to find out, this game isn't worth it. The other files on the game were only played for ~4 hours. I'll be sending this one back today.

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battle part

posted by adrian5265 (BAKER, LA) May 13, 2006

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while in battle run in and then run back out to save hp

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This Game Stinks!

posted by bullape (Santa Cruz, CA) May 4, 2006

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I played this game for a while and did not like it at all. I need games that arre mote like the Minish CAp!!

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