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Pure RPG Bliss

posted by billsnizzl (NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ) Feb 7, 2008

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Wow. That was a beautiful game. Lets go into the categories shall we?

DISCLAIMER- you need to like RPGS to enjoy this

Graphics-10-Like the RPGs of old. Nothing beats the pixel days! Then again, its up to personal preference. I thought they were good, and to be honest, the look really takes you back to a day where RPGs were a dime-a-dozen...but a good one came rarely. This is one of those.

Gameplay-8-Ah, thank you "Tales Of" games. On the whole, the Tales Of games have a phenomenal combat system. Its all real-time, its all quite fast-paced and action-loaded, the attacks are cool and unique-and they each have strategic values which must be balanced to play effectively. This would earn a 9 (it would be 10 if there was a targeting system) BUT there's still RANDOM BATTLES! AARGH! These things really get old. However, it wouldn't be so retro if it didn't do random battles.

Storyline-10-10-10-10- 10- Very good. Deeply engrossing and emotionally involving. Plot lines flow gloriously, and when a twist comes, it rocks you so hard. I won't lie-my lip was trembling at the big twist... :,-(

Length-9-Most RPGs are long. This was a doooooozy. I mean, honestly. 92:some-odd hours. Thats roughly a month of playing 12 hours a day.

Overall Rating-9.5(which rounds to a 10). Final opinion- DON'T MISS THIS GAME!

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battle part

posted by adrian5265 (BAKER, LA) May 13, 2006

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while in battle run in and then run back out to save hp

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Okay for the first installment

posted by Vegito (DULUTH, GA) Aug 26, 2010

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A really good game, aside from the summons taking forever, I wish the antagonist was more developed, but still a good play through, regardless. Dhaos, rocks.

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