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need to play this game

posted by nero9880 (HOOVER, AL) Aug 29, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

nv did finish it

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A weak Tales game

posted by Kapowne (PORTLAND, OR) Aug 18, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

I am a big Tales fan, and when i saw this I just had to play it! The game starts off really well, but the beginning intro is just so long and unfortunately really predictable.

I play Tales games because the story just takes me in, and unfortunately this one was pretty stale. From the first couple steps into the game I had a great connection to Asbel, his brother hubert and Cheria.
But as the game went on the only character I came to enjoy was hubert (as horribly predictable as he was) because he was a character who I could actually feel something towards. there was just no flare to the characters in this game. there arguments all seemed to just drop off, and their relationships seemed only partly fleshed out. I really wanted to like this game but as I got closer and closer to the end it just got boring. I could easily guess for myself where the characters were going and what would happen when they got there and so on and so forth. By the end of the game I felt as though I no longer needed a reason to play it.
I really wanted to like this game but I just couldn't do it. Overall Weak

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posted by bettysfruityvag (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jul 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

The best parts about this game is,
1. Addicting gameplay- If you have played any Tales games or Starocean you would be very familiar with the core fighting which has only gotten better with time. Things worth mentioning about the fighting like titles, A and B art, dualizing, and if you step out of the main characters shoes and play another character, their fighting styles all vary. You don't even get all of your tools at your disposal until you beat the game and play the extra chapter.
2. Replay value- Again, sooo much here in this one disc it will have you hooked for days for one play through. After you beat the first storyline you have New game + or legends and legacies which picks up right where the first storyline lays off and brings a FULL HEARTWARMING finish for the whole game. Wonderfully done.
3. Storyline/ skits- This game has a lot of skits and extra scenes that are optional but draw you so much more into these charavters than any other tales game I've played. the beginning is drawn out, its not the type of game whrre you can just play for half an hour and expect to be satisfied, this game will take a lot of time.
Conclusion- Play this game. It is crazy fabulous. I'll be picking up the new Tales of Xillia game but I CANNOT imagine Xillia holding a candle to Graces (this game).

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