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Very Good

A great "Tales" game

posted by frostywontons (SUISUN CITY, CA) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Tales of Graces: f is a PS3 port of a Wii game. The "f" refers to the "future" arc, which serves as an epilogue to the original story. Truthfully, Graces is an old game (Japanese players have had this for over a year) but it still serves up some serious fun and supplants itself as one of the better "Tales" game of recent years.

The game starts out slow (as most "Tales" games seem to do) and will not pick up until somewhere around 15-20hrs (you can opt to skip the child arc on a second play through!). However, once the gears start rolling you'll hardly have a moments rest to catch your breath. The story is intriguing and the characters memorable. Do not be surprised if you find yourself attached to a particular character. The only gripe I have is that the overall scope and diversity of the world feels small. There are really only a handful of locations and most do not feel radically different from the next.

The battle system is familiar but different. Unlike past "Tales" games Graces uses a "Chain Capacity (CC)" resource system rather than a TP system. Most actions consume CC (e.g. free running) but CC will also replenish on its own. This new system gives more technicality to battles whereas past systems involved mashing basic attacks combined with a spell every now and then.

Overall, Graces will be a joy for Tales fans and is definitely worth the time of any JRPG fan. The graphics are not pushing any boundaries but they are not terrible. The music, too, is a typical mix of JRPG tunes. Game play hours, though, can easily exceed sixty. Even a casual play through can easily take up forty hours. A definite buy for any JRPG and RPG enthusiast.

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A worthy addition to the Tales series

posted by ReverbOverdrive (POUND RIDGE, NY) Jun 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

At first glance the game was almost revolting when I began to play. I thought "Oh boy here's another drama..", but man was I wrong to have such low expectations. This game is a special case. It has a well organized and exciting battle system that gets really exciting as you progress through the game. You can have other friends come over and play along side you in combat that's fairly comparable to Star Ocean 3 or Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and if you're by yourself it has an AI strategy system that allows you to make sure your other allies in the game become of value in combat. They have everything you'd expect from a Tales game and MORE if you have played one of the games. This game is a step up from their past games and if youre looking for a long jrpg and enjoy collecting, leveling, and LOTS of communication between characters, this is the game for you. Just what an amazing story. Amongst the artwork, the moving cutscenes, and voice acting that draws you in. This truely is a game to remember.

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GF Rating


On Point

posted by jonesdj (JOHNSTOWN, PA) Jun 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2007

This game is one of the best Tales games I played since Phantasia and especially Abyss. Good graphics, story is good, alittle much on the whole friendship thing but good nonetheless. It's pretty challenging as well. All around good, long game. I recommend it. I'm buying it this coming paycheck.

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