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A true RPG for all fans of the genre!

posted by Heavymetalhead (SAINT CHARLES, MO) Dec 5, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

This is my first game from the series, and i was quite curious of how it would be. At first i was let down because of the fact that you start out as an eleven year old kid in a quiet town fighting small monsters and complaining about petty problems adhering to childhood. But even as a kid the combat was very intuitive and easy to understand, and after a few short chapters you skip to being an adult and the story becomes brilliant and extremely in-depth. No spoilers here but there are so many twists and the plot is always thickening. The main story is enough to keep anyone holding on to this anime style RPG, and the small details you can uncover make it all the better.

The entire gameplay style is linear, which to some can come as a disappointment, but the world is rather large and you can always go back to already discovered locations later to extend on the plot or find secrets previously hidden or unavailable. Even being a linear game, you can easily spend 50+ hours trying to complete the story, and that is an understatement. I am on the final chapter now, and have put in 86 hours, so it will definitely keep you busy. The combat is pretty unique, and you can have up to 4 people in your party who are controlled by very intelligent AI, while you can choose from around 8 different fighting styles from your characters to manually control yourself. with over 300 monsters, around 100 weapons, the ability to combine 100's of items to make new rare ones, and countless secrets to enhance your gameplay, including secret costumes, this game is a must have for any gamer. The cutscenes can come often at times though, and they are usually long, but it can be good at times as it enhances the story. There are so many things to talk about on this game and i may sound random about it, but it is very deep and full of good characters with a plot based on the power of friendship and abilities to overcome anything with help from the most unlikely people.

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A reminder of FFVII

posted by D0CT0R (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Dec 4, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

Tales of Graces f is the first RPG I have played that can hold my interest as well as FFVII did back in the day... It seems to have takes a lot of ques from FFVII too, from the story to the last boss fight which is just like Sephiroth in the North Crater. I read that "this is not a game for the impatient" and that is the best thing you could tell someone who wants to play this game. The "Childhood Arc" alone is 4hrs+ right at the beginning of the game. It almost made me stop playing but I am glad that I pushed through. I have like 50hrs into my first playthrough, luckily for New Game+ you can select enhancements like triple XP, SP, skip childhood arc etc. It adds a huge amount of replayability to the game. There's also a fair amount of DLC costumes and things to keep you interested if you are into JRPG's.

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Its Ok

posted by Jaws1400 (STATESVILLE, NC) Nov 28, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I honestly found this game quite boring. As far as story it was great but the battles were extremely slow (I didn't play the co-op which I wish I had) and quite boring as the controls were too simplistic for what could have been done. The game looked great and the sound was amazing, yet I personally just found the game very boring and repetitive. Don't take my word for it though. This game isn't for everyone even a heavy turn-based RPG player as myself. I can see why some people found this game very amazing so don't hesitate to try it if you're curious, just wasn't for me.

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