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Above Average

Great combat, but lacking in the story.

posted by Hei (EVANSVILLE, IN) May 12, 2013

Member since May 2011

When I began playing this game i was very skeptical about the combat, but i hung in there and found it to be very rewarding after I got the hang of it. I should point out that its a bit boring when you're still a child (in game), but a couple hours in your character grows up a bit and the combat really lifts off.

The story however...ugh. About 10 hours in I felt like the game still had little direction. In most rpgs you can kind of guess where you're going and what your goal is in all of it, but not this one. The only real story I got was that all these nations are at war and your character fights for one nation at this point and then 5 minutes later he's helping a different one and then 5 minutes later he's helping yet another.

And for the characters...I really just want to mention Sophie. What the heck is going on with those pigtails? Why do they have to be so long that they reach the ground? I want to meet the people who designed her just so i can ask what they were thinking, and potentially end up punching them in the face based on their answer.

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posted by Nubfail (FLORISSANT, MO) May 9, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

great game!

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"Tales of" Fans can fairly rate this the penultima

posted by Xetelian (STANWOOD, WA) May 3, 2013

Member since May 2012

You have Manual, Semi-Auto and Automatic battle settings and strategies for each character.

For those of us that know "Tales of" (think similar to fans of Final Fantasy) you have to know what you're getting into. I was able to talk my non-gamer friend into playing it and she liked it but not enough to take it on and beat it. However as a fan I can only feel this was the best incarnation yet, story was fairly background noise in the middle as the narrative gets pulled along painstakingly by "Spoiler" Jar Jar Binks'd "End Spoiler" some miracle and the combat is nice and the crafting too.

So I set it on hard a the start and have been playing on Chaos since.

Easy / Normal / Moderate / Hard / Evil / Chaos difficulties unlocked on my first run through 100 hours played and 40+ titles on all my characters maxed. Still haven't beat the game 1800 encounters most on auto battle while waiting for DoTA matches to load. Don't know how it ends yet, don't really care, it serves as a time killer with a controller.

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