Rent Tak and the Power of Juju for GC
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Tak and the Power of Juju

Not Rentable
Also on:GBA, PS2
GF Rating

144 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Tak and the Power of Juju

Control Stick Highlight menu items
Control Pad Highlight menu items
B Button Previous screen
Z Button + Control Pad = Display objectives
L Button + Control Pad = View collected items
Start/Pause START

Control Stick Walk, Up/Down = Climb rope
Control Pad Walk
A Button Jump, (tap twice) Double Jump
B Button Attack, Throw Object, Swing back-and-forth on rope, (hold) + Control Stick to aim then release B Button = Aim and throw object
X Button Use Juju Power
Y Button Use, Jump on/off animal, Put object down, (tap once ) then Control Stick to aim, then B Button to shoot = Aim and Fire Blowgun
L Button Shift, (hold) + A = Normal Jump (when holding Blowgun), (hold) + A = Somersault Jump (when holding the Club or the Spirit Rattle), (hold) + Z = Cycle through your Juju powers
R Button Change held item, (hold) + Z = Cycle through your Juju powers
C Stick Change camera view

Control Stick Swim
A Button Jump out of the water

A Button Flap your chicken wings
B Button Lay an egg
L Button Lay an egg
R Button Change camera angle in air

Control Stick Carve, Up/Down = Flips (forward or back), Left/Right = Spins
A Button (hold and release) Ollie (to preload jump)
B Button + Control Stick (while airborne) = Grab
Y Button Grind
Z Button Turbo (when Boost Meter full)
L Button Drift Left (when airborne)
R Button Drift right (when airborne)