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GF Rating


Just what SRPG fans waited for

posted by Exchrystal (PITTSBURG, CA) Feb 26, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together is a fantastic SRPG. It has a great ammount of depth, content, and fun factor.

I give the story a 10. The main characters are well developed. I love the trademark decision making where what you decide will shape the direct that the game goes. Not to spoil the game so depending on what you choose there will be a lawfu, chaotic, and a neutral side. Each of these choices will determine who you face and who will join your party later.

Gameplay for me deserves a 9. The battles are quite fluid and fun. You can choose from a variety of classes and pretty much customize how you want. The game can be quite challenging for newcomers but if you have played any Tactics Ogre or SRPG game before you should be familiar with the mechanics. I docked a point because i've often had trouble with ally NPC's diving headfirst into the enemy in the first 2 turns before my team could even save them. Also I should mention that for new players who struggle with SRPG there is a new chariot system where you can redo up to 50 turns. Which can help if you are in a big battle where you been playing for 40 minutes and someone dies that you dont want you dont have to replay the whole 40 mins again.

Graphics/Audio I give a 9. Great quality songs that bring back some good nostalgia. Character design looks quite detailed to a point. I think they could have done a bit better with graphics but most people dont play SRPG for graphics soley.

Replay/Fun factor I give a 10. Quite a few sidequests to do and with there being so many choices for a person to replay this game could keep you busy for many hours.

Overall I give TO a 9/10. The game is challenging and engaging enough for any TO or SRPG fan to jump right in and enjoy. With the new chariot system it also ensures that many new players can get into the series without much frustration.

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Toss up on IF.....

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jun 8, 2011

Member since May 2010

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

If you own thel ps-one version by ATLUS there is no reason to own the psp version. It is the same game, but portable, and an ever so slight graphics enhancement, but it is barely note-worthy..
The classes have changed some, but it seems more like they borrowed from peter to pay paul! The class change requires marks in order to change classes, but that means that some advanced classes can't be had until much later! Training option from the original is missing, but it has been replace with a communal experience system.. you would think that is an improvement, but it has it's issues to, for instance, you gone all the way into the second or third chapter to get the warlock class, but sadly you haven't used a warlock, yet so all of your warlocks start off at level 1 .. which is really BAD... and further more the only way to raise your levels would be to grind in REAL combat, but this further exposes the flawed BIGOTRY system for leadership, which is like to get the walister troops to like you...You would have to basically kill troops from other ethnic groups like the bakram, or the gargastini, but if you have troops of those ethnic groups their opinion of you drops, this is natural, of course, but if you order a walister to kill another walister then all the walisters will hate you, but your troops will not hate you at first, but they will come to hate you eventually... but you'd think that you would..let's say..don't deploy them, but you have no way of knowing who your fighting until your troops are already deployed!
The remedy for this is to make a mental note of who you are fighting for that field and and if they are the right ethnic group(which is any enemy, who isn't in their own ethnic group) Then you have to deal with the fact that the said warlock newbie has to kill a level 30 or 40 enemy on a random encounter... Well, trust me it AIN'T pretty!!!
Long story short.. (I know..TO LATE) If you don't have the Psone version get it, but otherwise skip it!

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If you love Strategy Games ...

posted by StratMan (MIAMI, FL) Feb 18, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2008

2 out of 5 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

My favorite strategy games on the PSP are: FF Tactics, Field Commander, History Egypt (download mini), Legends of War Patton's Campaign (download mini), Valkyria and Disgaea series. After just a handful of hours with this game I can easily add it to that list.
I love the party and battle size. It feels more like a game of chess than just a small handful trying to double team opponents. Also the combat order is not just Us or Them, but a ranking of both sides which makes the Haste or Hold spell even more potent. Party tactics and individual strong character use is vital, which leads to mistakes you would want to recoup from. Other games force you to start the entire engagement over. But the Chariot system in Tactics Orgre lets you roll back to usually the beginning of the battle. I used it to redo a flanking strategy that turned out to take too long which kept my character out of the first 3 combat turns. It was great to not regret the battle despite a poor strategy choice I made early on in the first battle.
Multiple saves, excellent small detailed menus and nice icons\colors make this a strong title worthy of a 9. If they allowed you to zoom in or rotate the map, as well as improve the multi player version I would rate this a 10. But a solid 9 allows for improvements and a second version or downloadable content that I hope Atlus will do in the near future. For just under $30 as a gamefly purchase it is well worth keeping.

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serious balance issues boring story

posted by 999love (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) May 23, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

the only reason this got a 7 insrtead of a 1 was if you min maxed, the first 3 chapters were kinda cool. but the main reason was, it had alot of potential, they wasted. one of witch was the class level system that all units shared levels.

why bother giving us levels if your going to boost the ememys equaly to you. the first 3 chapters of the game were fun because you could win ezaly and progress. untill random(semingly) ultra boost's to the enemys would happen making all the levels you aquired mean nothing.
and the story had to much reading and was boring and to make madders worse they had an entire section were you could learn even more over long boring deatails of stuff nowon cares about
also complicated item makers are annoying stop ruining games with them. in short tactic games are fun but complicated level grinding is not. at the very least make an ez mode so we can see cool moves and story line and avoid the tedious bordom.

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Game seemed cool, but got too tough for me

posted by BURZUM (TROY, AL) Sep 21, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

I enjoyed this title thoroughly until the point where I had to fight my ally-turned-enemy partway through the game, where I had such difficulty doing any damage I just got frustrated enough to send it back after losing 5+ times in rapid succession. I'm not that good at the strategy turn-based battles, but if you are then I'm sure you'll enjoy Tactics Ogre.

I really wish I had figured out how to beat that guy, because this was a game I found to be really fun up until that point. The storyline is fun and entertaining, I liked being able to control the choices in dialog that gave way to how the story would play out. If you're good at strategy games, I suggest you rent this one and buy it if you can, it is a really good title.

I rated it a 7, but would have gone higher if I could have figured out how to beat that nemesis of the main character! Give it a shot, you'll have fun playing I am sure!

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