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Overall Good Game With Some Flaws

posted by steel30589 (ROCHESTER, NY) Feb 26, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

A lot of the other reviews have been bashing how this game is the same old game and the same old story we have seen a hundred times. But to some people (like me) That isnt a bad thing the reason this story and type of game are so common is because it works and makes for an overall fun experience. Also I have read that many people consider this a button masher which to some extent is true but it isnt nearly as bad as some other button mashers and the various skills and abilities work well to break up the monotony. That being said I cant figure out why this does not have local multiplayer. You go through the work of creating three playabale characters on the screen at all times so why not let three people play it. This huge problem keeps this game from getting an eight or nine. Another flaw of this game is the lack of an explorable world map with the success of huge world maps in games like fallout, oblivion, and two worlds why do developers think we want to click on a dungeon and simply go there instantly. Overall despite these two flaws this is still a fun game that is guaranteed to keep you occupied for a couple weekends however the lack of replay value and multiplayer make it more suited for rental and not for purchase.

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posted by phycopath (CINCINNATI, OH) Feb 15, 2011

Member since Aug 2008

I have low expectations for any RPGs, even lower when its a japanese RPG due to the translation issues. I played the demo and could not get over the fact that it felt like microsoft sam was writing the dialoge. After two minutes the voice in my head for narating waht i read was even talking like microsoft sam!

Not only is this like "Folklore" with jumping and equipment but a better story could have been writen by me, and i'm failing english!

I'm usually the type to give a game a 1, 5, 9 or 10; but this is the first ive ever felt like grading lower.

Overall i would like to tell the makers "SUCK IT" and slap them all for making such an abomintion. I see how it could have been made really well as a Turn based RPG but not an action Hack & Slash.

Also, were the hall have the towns gone toin games nowadays? My favorite game is still FFX and FFVII for that very reason.

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