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TRINITY: Souls of Zill O'll


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Very Good

Strange name, Fun game!

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 9, 2011

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I just don't understand the bad reviews for this game after spending 50 hours playing I can say I honestly disagree.

Controls in this game are simple and basic, which is just fine as it is a rpg after all. Graphics aren't anything special, they are what I expect for a sort of sleeper title. Story is interesting and there are a lot of side stories that really branch out. Music is enjoyable during the game, always seems to be very accurate in setting the mood. Game play is fun and addictive hack and slash mixed with combos and magic.

This action/rpg was simple in the areas I like simple and more involving in other areas. The simple parts I really liked are the map and town system. I like traveling for one place to another is simply clicking on the location via the map. This I find edges out a lot of boring walking from one place to another and allows for constant game play and therefore fun.

The battle system and questing was what this game is about. You will be undertaking quest from the guilds in various towns, everything from item searching to monster hunting, and have to complete the task in order to obtain money and items. The stronger you are the better the quest you can undertake and thus the better the rewards. Battle was simple but not to simple, you can control one of three characters, the other two will auto, and their unique set of skills at one time. Hack and slash or use skill points you obtain through battle to level up new abilities and form different attack combos.

Story expands as much as you would like it to as well, there are many npc's in the game that can offer unique quest, completing them will open new stories and new quest. With tons of weapons and monsters to data log along with a titles you can earn for your characters, and maybe even a challenging hidden dungeon, you will easily spend 50 hours to finish this one up.

Once again I am a avid role playing fan and I really enjoyed this game. Don't miss out on this one!

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Pretty good game

posted by darkwolf99 (ANCHORAGE, AK) Sep 15, 2011

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This was actually a good game. I found the graphics were pretty good (And to those who say nay, all games look very similar graphics wise to me) The story for the game was a little flat you could say seeing as you kinda knew how it was going to end in a way right from the beginning, but it was still told nicely. the controls are nice and simple (but the skill system was odd seeing as I never found Areus's last passive skill), but irregardless. I'd give this game a 9 out of 10

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Dragon Warrior + Sidequest City = This Game

posted by SirKoenig (HOBOKEN, NJ) Oct 1, 2012

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Reading one of the reviews before I actually got this game, I saw someone mentioned this being akin to Dynasty Warrior. This comparison is dead on, but with vast improvements to the Dynasty Warrior's formula. Leveling up skills, new character classes (which aren't even really classes, just additional skill trees), an engrossing storyline, and plenty of things to do outside of the main quest. The lengthy adventure took me 60+ hours and could've taken more because you're constantly looking around (or at least I did) for additional quests, loot, etc.

That said, there could have been plenty more improvements that were not made. You only have 6 skills selected at any time (your tree has 12 total, so half of your skills go to waste), combat is repetitive (when you get fireball, and it's early on, you basically use this spell all day long to lay waste to everything around you), your companions do ok SOMETIMES, but more often than not are useless when you're not in control. Sure, you can switch between them but the second you do, the character you were previously is nowhere near as strong as you were when playing as him/here.

Final Word - Decently fun game if you're in the mood for an action RPG where you just beat up dudes all day long. I enjoyed it because the story wasn't too intense and I could fight battles without having to put much effort in. It was fun, but I didn't have to be invested at all to know what was going on. Kill the bad guy who murdered your dad? Got it. Find the item? No doubt. Kill xyz monster in such and such a forest? Easy. While I do love very involved RPG's with lengthy, complex storylines and intricate characters, it was nice to just sit back, relax, and take down an entire legion of bad guys without having to pay attention to every little detail.

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