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Really Bad

Dislike to Abhor in 60 minutes

posted by xwhorrorx (PLEASANTON, CA) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

When i first played this game i didn't think it was that great, but i didn't think it was terrible either. maybe my hopes were too high when they said they were using WWF no mercy as inspiration. as i play this game more and more i grew to hate it. its the same button to pin someone and climb out of the ring. sometimes when i want to pin someone ill climb out of the ring. its just really annoying. this game is very unpolished. i could sit here and list everything i dislike about this game, but that would take that long. i do not even recommend this for a rent.

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GF Rating


I hate myself for actually expecting a decent game

posted by BuckDaddy (NEWARK, DE) Sep 13, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

Turns out this game isn't very good. I was hoping it would take me back to the days of the N64 wrestling games but it doesn't even come close.


Its not too nice to people new to wrestling games. I've been playing wrestling games since WWF: Attitude on the N64, and whenever theres a new engine for a wrestling game it can be tough to learn.

This one is no different. In fact its downright frustrating if you expect to jump right into the deep end. I would recommend going to EXTRAS from the MAIN MENU and watching the TRAINING VIDEOS. Also if you pause during a match and go to controls it shows you some of the basic controls you can do.


Here's an example, to do a running flying attack to an opponent outside the ring you have to hold R2+L1 and O (By the way if you STOP holding R2 you stop running. It would have been better if you could just hit R2 the L1+O when you're at the rope.


To do a strong grapple you have to hold L1 and hit Triangle. After this I'm lost. The controls say to do Towards+L1+Triangle to do a power move but the power move that comes out seems random at times. It seems the directions change depending on where you're standing, which would be fine if this were street fighter but in a wrestling game you can be facing any god given direction at a time. I literally did a match as Kurt vs. Joe and could only get out eye rakes and a suplex. I did multiple combinations until I ultimately lost and put this game back in the return envelope.


I played story mode for an hour and found that the A.I. would either counter everything or do nothing but strike for the entire match.

The counter system I think is the one feature I enjoyed a great deal. You can have very exciting matches where you go counter for counter with your opponent but it takes time to learn the counters for certain moves and it doesn't work unless you get the timing perfect. Oh and you can't mash R2.

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