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posted by spyless (CRAWFORDVILLE, FL) Sep 16, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

thay should have left this game alone, and i will stick with WWE smackdown vs raw will always be better. but the way now i know y thay goto TNA b/c thats a joke.

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Very weak game

posted by MajikNinja (SPRING HILL, FL) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

The only thing I found even remotely decent about this game was the two "exclusive" TNA match videos in the extras and you don't even have to unlock them. The create-a-wrestler selection is very minimal. No costume customization, you just pick the style and color, and the occasional word or picture on it. Very few moves to choose from. When you start out, all you have is Default moves. You have to unlock other moves by accumulating "style points". The introductions are short and barely worth putting into the game in the first place. Your created guy can choose from 10 intros, but you can't see what they are until you play as the character. The matches are all standard matches. 1v1, Tag, Handicap, etc. The only unique match is the Ultimate X, which can only be played 1v1 or 1v1v1. You can definitely tell the game was made by a company known for 2D fighters, when to do a move the controls are either the button, toward+button or away+button. Up and down have no impact on moves at all. All wrestlers have only one special move. The upside, it can't be reversed. The downside, it can't be reversed. Same with the weapons, and by weapons I mean chair. It can't be stopped unless you hit your opponent before he starts to swing it. And there are no DQs in the game or ring outs. I guess that's because there isn't one ref to be found in the whole game. The submissions are ok, push a series of buttons to get out/do more damage, but the pins are horrible. Button mashing would have be fine for getting out of a pin like other wrestling games, but in this one you have to wiggle the joy stick left and right. If you are even slightly up or down, the meter will barely move. Also the reversals have to be near perfect. If you hesitate for a second or push it too soon, you failed, but the computer seems to be able to reverse moves at the very last second. Overall the game is barely even worth a rental. I don't think THQ has much to worry about competition wise...yet.

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Above Average

TNA - This Is Wrestling

posted by mpemj23 (DULUTH, GA) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Aug 2006


-good combos
-great graphics
-fun wrestling
-nice mini games for submissions
-good story
-real wrestlers and entrances
-Ultimate X match
-possibility of new downloadable content (moves, entrances, wrestlers etc.)


-questionable AI on Tag matches
-learning curve but still fun
-reversals can be slow
-no belts
-no created character except in story
-small roster
-few gimmick matches
-limited created a character
-limited movesets (midway motion captured 2000 moves 125 made it in)
-limited moves for CAW
-not exact moves for wrestlers in TNA now
-one finisher (example Sting: Scorpion Deathdrop but no Scorpion Deathlock)


If you love pure wrestling fun this is a great game and nice try for Midway to enter the wrestling game industry

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