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Also on:DS, GC, PS2, PSP Games, GBA, Wii
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Simple, Fun, Entertainment.

posted by RedShoe (REDWOOD CITY, CA) Mar 22, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

The game is not difficult at all. As with other games that are targeted to a younger audience - the game lacks any challenge. It is fun to play and looks great. It's not gears of war - but worth playing.

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Not that bad for a movie game.

posted by Bachetta18 (CRANSTON, RI) Mar 20, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

The Goods: Nice animations and level designs, nice voice acting, turtles special and family moves are pretty cool, very good platforming, the turtles look good graphically, easy achievements, very fun, only $50 dollars compared to most 360 games that are $60, pretty cool story,you can switch between all four turtles in some levels, boss fights are kinda cool ...

The Bad: except for the fact they are quite easy and repititive, game is extremely easy, enemies are not agressive and just stand there and attack not very often, all enemy groups fight the same, graphics arent exactly next gen, very short only 4-5 hours, camera angle sometimes in not the greatest, combat sytem is very boring and is based pretty much off of the B button where you just tap it over and over and do the same combo even though the combo looks pretty cool it gets annoying, no online co-op or offline co-op, no multiplayer at all.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 6.9
Gameplay - 7.8
Story - 7.4
Value - 5.0

Overall - 7.1

Final Comment - Despite its flaws it is a fun game while it last but they could have made this game alot better ... i wish they will make another tmnt video game and fix the mistakes that were in this one. I would say its definately worth a rental and only worth a buy if you are a huge TMNT fan.

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