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No co-op? On a TMNT game? Ridiculous!!!

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 21, 2007

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How can you have a game based on something as team-oriented as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and NOT offer any kind of multiplayer whatsoever? The game itself isn't really all that bad, it's just nothing original and the lack of any co-op is borderline idiotic. It's pretty obvious this game is just a port of most likely a PS2 standard - the graphics aren't quite up to snuff. The gameplay too could have been a lot better than it is but it's just too easy. Maybe this game was intended for 5-year-olds since the movie is intended for younger audiences, but even Open Season and Cars were more difficult than this. It's overly simplistic. You pretty much only use one button the entire time. In fact, this game is pretty much a 3-D platforming version of the arcade game from 1989.

The most annoying aspect, however, is the voices. While the "voice acting" isn't really all that bad, you hear the same thing repeated waaaay too often. After about 15 minutes you'll want to mute your television. Also, the game can easily be beaten in a day with no real reason to play it again. It seems like a waste of money to buy this game instead of renting it since you don't get much playtime for your cash. Then again, kids like to watch the same video of Spongebob every single day, so combined with the simplistic nature and lack of challenge, maybe this game really is targeted towards children.

Overall, TMNT could have actually been a decent action/platformer. Instead it was dumbed down and spoon-fed to children. Considering the average age of a videogame player today is 33, having this game offer no challenge will probably lead to less sales and/or more returns. The only real benefit to your average gamer is that it's an easy 1000 achievement points. Part of what makes videogames enjoyable is that it stimulates your mind. On that front, this game falls short. While I wouldn't say TMNT is BAD, it's just so far from what it could have been.

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Easy 1000 points, otherwise horrible.

posted by Deltanamos (NORTHGLENN, CO) Jan 14, 2008

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If you are thinking of renting this game I hope it is because of the points, because if you were hoping for any sort of enjoyable or challenging game, you are out of luck. Though the cell shaded graphics are
somewhat average by today's standards, the game's true flaw is characterized by boring attack combos, HORRIBLE controls and even worse camera angles. I would comment on the storyline but I simply rushed through it to end my experience as soon as possible.
In four hours of monotonous gaming, however, you can get all 1000 points in this game so if you are interested, bite the bullet and rent this tripe.

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TMNT is a pretty good game.

posted by loonacy (ALBANY, OR) Apr 18, 2007

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This game does have it's problems but I did enjoy playing it. It was very short and the camera angles were horrible but the gameplay was fun and if you are a turtles fan you will probable like the game just for that reason. It was also very easy to beat. It could use higher difficulty settings.

All in all I liked it and it was just old fashioned fun!

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