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GF Rating

Very Good

TMNT does justice to the legacy of the turtles

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 20, 2007

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I have heard so many bad things about this game, if it was not for the fact I have literally grown up with the turtles, I might not have bought it. I am very glad I did. TMNT on the DS is unlike any other Ninja Turtle game I have ever played. Why? The "jumping on rooftop" element. I gotta say, it is INSANELY fun running as fast as possible from building to building, landing on wires, swinging around them landing and continuing. Add in the expected "beat em up" elements, and you have one helluva game. The graphics are really good, a lot better than I expected, and the music is typical for an action game. If you like platforming/action titles, get this now. It is very solid and definately helps to feel the NINJA in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE. The only major complaints I have are : this game is very easy, which isn't bad because it remains fun but still I would like a little more of a challenge, and also there are NO cutscenes. If you play this game odds are you will see the movie, and we all know the DS can handle cutscenes, so why only text? Lame. Besides those two minor flaws, TMNT lives up to the expectations of gamers - by far. 8 outta 10, B +

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posted by 110291192 (BEND, OR) Jun 2, 2007

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this is a terrible game because there is no action. The whole game is jumping different directions as your told then the fight scenes are boring and get old because there is 1 MOVE to use. I do not recommend this game to anybody.

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GF Rating


very disappointing

posted by waynetango (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 26, 2007

Member since Dec 2003

I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to play this game. You will realize after five minutes of playing it that it is the same game play without any type of changes. All you do is press the same button and do the same thing over and over again. Even on the most difficult level there is no challenge. You can finish this game in less than an hour but it will feel like an hour of your life wasted. I usually say just rent for the experience but honestly it is just a waste of your time. All you ever do is jump from one place to the other and fighting the foot clan is only every once in a while. The developers could have put more thought into the game and it would have been much more exciting. Unfortunately it seems they were just trying to expedite this game as quickly as possible and missed creating a game that could have been wonderful.

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