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Very Good

Worth it!

posted by Watermelonman (MINNETONKA, MN) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

TMNT is a great game with great graphics, I love that you can play as all 4 Ninja turtles which gives a lot of variety with the 4 different weapons (pole, nunchuks, sword, and daggers) I highly recomend this game and you really should buy it. It is not at all a waste of money. BUY IT!

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Pretty Good

posted by attilio (East Elmhurst, NY) May 14, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

I really enjoyed this game. The controls had the perfect balance of motion and buttons which was great. The graphics are pretty good for the Wii (a lot better then some games I've seen). The overall game play is good. The fights are a bit easy, unless you are trying to get Ninja status all the time. Even so, I never got anything less then an Excellent rating. At some points in the game I died like 10 times by falling off of something because I was moving too fast and not paying attention to what I should be doing (I know I'm not a very good ninja), but eventually I got it.

I was also very happy that they stuck to the storyline of the movie. I played some movie based games that seemed to have very little to do with the movie.

Overall I was pleased with this game, especially that they brought back the elevator battles (like in the old TMNT games where you would be in an elevator and enemies would come in to fight). The final bosses were a bit difficult until I realized their weakness (after about 20 tries lol).


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Arcade Anyone?

posted by TiredTeach (BINGHAMTON, NY) May 13, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

As a 90's gamer I miss the classic arcade style of the NES and SNES versions. I will wait for download on the Wii. This game is interesting if you have hours upon hours to spend trying to beat it.

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