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A sight for sore arms.

posted by Virtuater (IRVINE, CA) Mar 22, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

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I rented this game with high hopes, I really did, and immediately they were met to a degree. I hadn't played any Prince Of Persia style game before and I felt this was really unique. The attacks were cool, and the level design was neat. I was sitting tight and waiting to do some fun gaming!

Then, about 5 minutes goes by, and you begin to notice a scary trend...

There's only about 4 attacks, and the one you'll be using the most is similar to button-mashing, but instead you're waving your arm back and forth. The combat is kind of like Ultimate Aliance, but much, much less viation in attacks in this one. Probably my biggest gripe.

Enemy AI is horrable. They pretty much stand there to get beat up. Granted, like I said, it's fun for about 5 minutes, but then fight sequences become annoying, and tend to drag on. No matter what set of moves you pull off, it's still going to take a couple minutes to beat down all the baddies...and that's a long time.

This game was built for younger gamers in mind I believe. Everything's just so simple that it failed to keep my attention. There are a few neat things, like the level design I like, however the camera angle is very cumbersom, and makes simply walking around sometimes rather difficult.

If you're a TMNT fan, you might enjoy this game for the sheer nastalgia factor...but if you're a regular gamer looking for a new and challenging game, this one's not for you. Thanks for reading!

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Really Bad


posted by coqui81 (MERRILLVILLE, IN) Apr 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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This game was sooo not BOSANOVA! It's a good game for kids who don't like challenges,(psst the only way you can lose is if you want to). If their target was children from 2-5 they hit it, but the thing is that MOST TMNT fans are in thier MID TO LATE 20'S!I only got two words for this game, WHACK! I ain't mad at ya Ubisoft money is green, but you won't fool me again. The movie was decent though.


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posted by thekatz35 (WOODBRIDGE, CT) Apr 1, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

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This game is fair. The fighting is very very repetitive. Even tag teaming with your brothers isn't fun in the game. Each character has one string of attack, meaning that no matter which way you shake the wii remote the character performs the same moves over and over. The game is a lot like Prince of Persia making the player get through a maze before fighting. But TMNT's maps are not challenging at all, it spells out what you have to do, Prince of Persia is much more challenging. I really easy game that gets boring, i am glad that i only rented it.

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