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TMNT does not hold its own

posted by TuxBobble (EDISON, NJ) Apr 7, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I personally was looking forward to this game greatly, after hearing it was made by Ubisoft, and would feature some of the stylings of Prince of Persia.

However, the gameplay does not nearly match the prince's abilities. Aside from running up and along walls, very little transfers between the titles.

Growing up loving the turtles, the focus of their team was always just that--teamwork. It is ironic, therefore, that this game does not even have a cooperative multiplayer mode for even 2 players. This is a huge shortcoming and great disappointment, as the turtles were meant to be teamed up, proven by the success of the NES and SNES ninja turtles games.

The combat in this game might suit a 6 year old well, but for anyone looking for any depth, seek it elsewhere. Waving the Wiimote around like a madman produces the very same combo move, every single time you attack. In addition, not only are the combos uninspired, but they are largely not even effective against the enemies that take multiple hits each to take down.

While the game seemed like a great idea, it feels like multiple different projects glued together, with an unheard prayer that they will fit properly. This will probably be okay with a child who enjoys the Ninja Turtles, but even for an old fan of the turtles like myself, the nostalgia just isn't enough to keep me playing.

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don't rent this game

posted by Hoppens (SIOUX CITY, IA) Apr 2, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

this game was a waste of time and money there is hardly no bad guys or fighting all you do is obstacles and run around walls wow so exciting. I had this game for 3 days and sent it back and i hear the movie is just as bad as the game. What happened to the old turtles back when they were good. They jus took the name and ran it into the dirt.

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what the?

posted by zeekk7 (BOSTON, MA) Mar 29, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

i have to be honest. i didnt even play the game at all once i realized that it was a one player game. my friend and i were boozin it up and couldnt wait to kick some tail. when we tried to both play to say that we were disappointed would be an understatement. how can a game that has always been 2 players throughout the years not be at least 2 players if not 4? this was extremely stupid!!! for this reason, i hate that game to pieces.

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