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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow


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Gameplay Controls

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Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Directional Button
Up = Snap to Wall (When Next to Wall). Up (Hold) = Weapon or Crate Swap. Up (Tap) = Interact or Reload or Grapple. Down = Toggle Between Crouching/Standing. Left = Toggle Between Goggles On/Off. Right (Tap) = Fire Mode Selection.
Analog Stick
Up/Down = Move. Swim. Up = Ladder Climb (When in Front of Ladder). Down = Ladder Slide (When on Ladder). Left/Right = Strafe or Peek Aim (When Snapped to Wall).
X Button
Aim Down
Square Button
Aim Left. Turn Left.
Circle Button
Aim Right. Turn Right.
Triangle Button
Aim Up
L Button
Automatic Target Lock (Hold)
R Button
Fire Weapon. Melee Attack. Blind Fire (When Taking Cover).
Select Button
Issue Command. Voice Communication (Hold). Team Channel Switch With Recon Dart Deployed (Tap).
Manual Aim
Weapon Select
R Button and L Button are used to select grenades.
Gadget Select
Fire Mode Selection
Hold Right Directional Button and Tap X Button.
Zoom In/Out